When you look at the top-level athletes in the world just know that they didn’t get there by happenstance they didn’t get their bad luck and they didn’t get there just because they were born a certain way. They got there because they did more they worked harder and they pushed more than anyone and everyone around them. Things don’t just happen by luck things happen by working as hard as possible day in and day out. So if you are ready to endure the athletic endeavor and push through the hardships the pain adds to reap the rewards and the trims then go for it. If you have hesitation on whether you can deal with the highs and the lows and deal with the agonizing day today then you might need to sit down and formulate your thoughts and get your goals in order. When you push yourself when you’re the best when those around you look at you as doing more that isn’t typically met with open arms. A lot of times this is met with resistance with pushback with anger from your counterparts. Now, this isn’t a reason not to do it but you just have to know that by taking on an athletic endeavor you are different than the rest you don’t have the same DNA as the rest because of this they’re probably not gonna understand what it is you’re doing and while you’re doing it. So take your time to formulate your goals and realize that it’s OK if people don’t agree. It’s ok if people don’t seem the nicest I don’t want to support you fully because at the end of the day is jealousy from them and anger from them. After all, you’re willing to do more and put more on the line than everyone else. If you want to sit down and talk about your goals or you want somebody to push you to the next level with your goals please do not hesitate to reach out and ask like Lenix we specialize in sports performance training for all levels. Are you interested in sports performance training and you already know what it is or you have no clue what sports are from straining and you wanna talk about how I can improve your game we’re here to talk? So don’t hesitate to come to start your sports performance training journey today. Your first week of sports performance training classes is completely free so there’s no reason not to try. 


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