Obviously, a lot goes into speed training and sports performance training but when doing speed training we have to be sure that we’re covering all bases one of those a speed technique training learning how to run and how to run efficiently the next is doing fast movements fast for speed training and the last would be doing exercises directly applicable to increasing your overall speed and acceleration. Like we’ve talked about before with speed training there are two different levels of acceleration and you have TopSpeed. With both of these come specific exercises that you need to be doing. One common misconception is that speed training just has to do with running only and that you should be working on sprints and starts continuously where that falters is we need to be training or muscle groups to be explosive to build fast-twitch muscle fibers that way we have the capacity to increase speed. By doing explosive movements geared towards all around explosiveness You are working on building those fast-twitch muscle fibers what’s develops explosiveness with them develop speed and us is speed training so don’t get caught up in a straight line running only and not working change of direction and not working linear and lateral explosiveness but working all components of athleticism you just work on all-around speed even a component as simple as balance drills and balance work directly affects your speed and explosiveness capabilities making sure we have a strong muscle foundation as well as explosive muscles through the training that we’re doing leads directly to improving speed now for more specific as we work on developing speed we need to be working on obviously sprints. Working on slightly resistant sprints which work on our power and I’ll drive to the floor. And we need to be working on counter-movements to get the body of the angle that’s ideal to work on pressing to the floor behind us and he got that speed as fast as we can do speed training keep training comes lots of techniques for detail training and detail techniques on speed improvement as well as technical training for technique contact us a Next Level Athletics and would be happy to help the same thing applies for this explosiveness discussed which muscle fibers when it comes to TopSpeed when we’re working on running as well as it’s fast-twitch muscle fibers the speed at which we can drive through the floor of the speed at which we can cycle is also our core development which allows us to stay balanced or our movement which needs to be in sync with the lower body movement to maximize her speed these are all things that we should be doing in speed training. You can never start training too early from the youngest kid to a well developed professional athlete or even an adult it’s never bad to work on speed training especially for younger athletes most of our speed development is built to the age of 0 to 12 things we do it those ages will continue and carry-on into our athletic careers in the future put us in a good spot developmentally to accelerate even more and develop even more speed. For more information on speed development, contact us a Next Level Athletics and we would be happy to put you do some technique training as well as our group training which focuses directly on speed developments and training as well as all-around sports performance training.

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