Sports Performance Training










Our workouts are expertly designed to accelerate your abilities and help you achieve all of your athletic goals. We focus on improving your explosiveness, strength, and power in order to increase your vertical, speed, change of direction, and reaction.



With testing to pair with our training, we know our system works and we have seen success at all levels from young athletes to pros.


Our system is built around overall athleticism. Our goal is to create athletes that jump higher, run faster, and are more agile than the competition.


“I’ve been going to Next Level Athletics for training for roughly 4 years and he has been exactly what I have needed as a soccer athlete. I attend RSU and am in my second year as a sophomore. Next Level Athletics but more specifically Josh has helped me not only workout with other athletes in his gym consistently but helps me do the more specific needs for my sport and physique outside the gym. He has helped put together specific workouts that have helped me with my explosiveness and strength while not slowing me down in long distance running or acceleration. Next Level Athletics is the perfect gym for all types of athletes and would recommend any teammate or other kind of athlete to the gym. I cannot give any more credit to Josh Jackson then saying he has been the best trainer I’ve ever trained with. As a trainer Josh has been understanding, honest, and open to any need I have needed. Next Level Athletics is perfect for youth, high school, college, and even professional athletes of any kind.”

Grant King

RSU Soccer

What is Next Level Athletics?

Next Level Athletics is your home for the best sports Performance training and athlete training in Tulsa. While we offer many times of training for all ages and stages in life, our focus is on athlete training for all ages. Our goal is simple. Through our training, we will give you the competitive athletic advantage to be faster, stronger, more explosive, and more powerful than the competition. We do this through our expert-designed group training classes. Whatever the goal is we have you covered. Our trainers have trained athletes of all levels and all sports to become more dominant athletes and have the resume to back it. From pro athletes to kids just getting started in the sport, we have you covered with the perfect sports Performance training for you. The design of our workouts is to get the max amount of work in a short period of time. Because of the structure of our workouts, we can work on all aspects of athleticism while being sure to not over or under work in the process. We do testing to go along with our sports performance training to track the exact progress so we know that we are doing what we need to get results. So if you’re an athlete looking to develop your game and take your game to the next level then Next Level Athletics is a place for you. Contact us today to get started on your sports performance training and start taking the steps to become the best athlete you can be.


At Next Level Athletics we also offer Group fitness training for adults of all levels. This training is designed to give you the overall best lifestyle possible by being happy and healthy. Just like our athlete training, we offer a free week of workouts to anybody interested. If you’ve never done group fitness training before you’re missing out with upbeat hit workouts designed around community, the love for getting healthy and pushing yourself to the limits is one that continues always. Come see what we’re all about trial group fitness classes and have a blast while you get in shape and get the life that you’re wanted. These workouts are designed for all levels whether you’re just starting to get into fitness or you’re a seasoned veteran the workouts can be modified up or down to make sure that you’re getting the workout that you need. Getting custom training in a group environment for a group rate just makes sense to get you started on your fitness journey. So if you’re ready to try group fitness training today and take your fitness up a notch give us a call get connected so we can get you your free sessions today.


How can you get connected?

You are welcome to call, text, email, go to our website, or just show up and ask for more details! We offer everyone a free trial period to let them see if they enjoy it and if it is the right fit for them. Don’t hesitate to try us out! You have nothing to lose and we guarantee you will have a great time! If you have never tried sports performance training now is the time!

Why Choose Us For Your Sports Performance Training:

From our incredible team to our incredible workouts next level really checked all boxes for sports performance training. We dedicated our time and energy to making Next Level Athletics the greatest in sports performance training in producing results. While obviously our sports performance training is designed and capitalizes on making you the best athlete possible we understand that with athletics and sports as a whole there are many fronts outside of just being great at that sport. We know that through our training we will get the best athlete possible out of you but we also know through our community and through our trainers will get the best person out of you as well. We know that sports are more than just a game and then it could be the future for a lot of individuals and a way for individuals to change people’s lives forever. Through our training, we will push you hard to be your best not only in your sport but in life.

Our Proven System:

Our training has been proven time and time again through athletes producing incredible results and developments in their game. With no question on whether the training will work or not you’re guaranteed to develop your athleticism and take your game to the next level. This is our goal, no wondering whether or not the training will produce the results you want to see we know it will. All you have to do is put in the effort and the work ethic and the rest will come! The goal is to create a system that everyone everywhere can do in order to develop their athleticism without having to rely on whether or not their trainer or coaches know what they are doing. The world of athlete development can get a little hairy at times so knowing that your trainer and your training center is producing the results you want to see is vital to maximizing your overall athletic potential.