In this next level athletics sports performance training article we will discuss how you can maximize your athletic development.
Whether you know it or not you are the only determiner of whether you’ll be successful in sports or not. Not how good your team is not how good your coaches not how strict your parents are just you. Before we continue on I wanna add a disclaimer that sports are meant to be fun and meant to be enjoyed but through sports can come careers, success, friendships, partnerships, and future endeavors. I would tell everyone to read the article we have about setting goals as an athlete. If your goals are to have fun to enjoy athletics and see maybe if it takes you somewhere in the mindset and the effort that you have maybe different than someone who sees it directly as a way to create a future. There is no right or wrong way to look at it but for you, as an athlete, you must know how you see it. If you plan to play high school athletics and not play in college the way you approach and treat the game will be significantly different than someone who sees the game as a way out as a way to future success as a way of setting up their life and life‘s to come after them. Well neither of these ways are right or wrong you must know the answer to this for yourself so you then know how to approach every day of practice sports performance training or even games. For the remainder of this article, I’m going to be talking to those who want to use their game to pursue successful careers or taking their game to the highest level. If these are your goals and you have large aspirations that align directly with sports then read carefully the rest of this article. You will be the one who determines your success so if you find yourself now or at any other time blaming those around you coaches parents teammates then starting today stop that and realize that you have to take ownership of everything that you want. This means giving maximal effort when it comes to practice games and sports performance training at Next Level Athletics I train athletes for sports performance training every day. Every day I have athletes that come in that go through the motions get a workout in and while sweating and feeling exhausted haven’t truly worked. I have other athletes that come into the sports performance training give maximal effort to the point of overall exhaustion and milk every single bit of the sports performance training possible. This is the major difference maker what do you do with every second of training if you’re in a work out for sports performance training are you ending a few seconds early are you going watching the clock waiting for the time to end are you focusing on how you can push harder and harder to move faster up until the point that that time is over. Obviously, there are physical limitations with this, and if you’re getting to the point where your body just can’t function to push it more some rest and some slowing down is expected but if you still have more in the tank and you have more to give but you’re holding back because of perceived exhaustion or the idea that you’re gonna have to do it for 20 more minutes that does not align with your goals. Not just in sports performance training but now think of a game if one of your teammates starts to slack at the end of the game because they’re perceived as tired and they can’t give anymore and because of this your team loses the game because of this person‘s perception they didn’t do what was required of them and so they lost so now whenever you’re practicing or when you’re doing sports performance training you need to realize that the game is on the line are you going to stop or you gonna keep pushing to ensure that you win. Every professional athlete when it came to games to practice to sports performance training or anything else that they do in the lives they approach it with the utmost goal and seriousness that it takes to be successful. Everything you do every aspect of your training Will Reflect in the long run. So because this is the area that I am in the most when it comes to sports performance training you need to be sure they are maximizing every part of it this means approaching it with the utmost seriousness realizing that every second of time that you’re working out could be the difference and overall success or not and treating every day like it makes it or break it. Obviously with sports performance training in any other type of training rest is important recovery is important and all of that should be dealt with in the utmost seriousness as well. So if you approach every day of training and you approach all of your rest and recovery with the utmost seriousness then you’re gonna make the decisions needed for recovery and rest that lead you to success.