How much is too much? As an athlete and the only one who truly knows your body, you have to be able to assess when what you’re doing is too much or too little. For a high-level athlete, you will obviously have time spent playing your sports practice for your support and training to go with that. Obviously, time spent playing and practicing your sport is inevitable, but when it comes to sports performance training you can pick and choose the things that you do. For your Sports Performance Training will you choose plyometric workouts strength base workouts cardio-based workouts? Well, what you choose depends directly on the sport you play in the position you play within that sport. It also depends on what your strengths are and what your weaknesses are. So where do you start well when looking at sports performance training you need to start with your most immediate needs. Do you need to be faster do you need to be stronger do you need a jump higher or through sports performance training you can achieve these goals. Once you’ve assessed and you know what your needs are then you should choose the training that aligns best for you to increase these needs. That should be step one is fine sports performance training style that fits your needs best. This does not mean this is the only sports performance training you will do this just means that it takes priority over the rest. Now that you have the most important style of training decided you must then categorize the remaining areas of training from most to least important for example if plyometric high-intensity training is your most important style of sports performance training and that takes the number one spot. The number two spot couldn’t be strength and weight training and after that could be cardio. This changes for everyone though whether it be yoga swimming or any form of physical activity. Now that you have decided a hierarchy of sports performance training styles you can then begin to implement them starting with number one and going down the list. The more you implement just depends on how your body feels once you’ve completed playing the actual sport practicing the actual sport and whatever you’re number one sports performance training style is then you can assess how does your body feels and cannot take the next style of sports performance training. All along the way realize that your needs can change and just because number one on your list is to do a specific style of sports performance training doesn’t mean that that has to be done every week just as realizing that every day for an entire year you don’t have to spend time practicing your actual sport time off and recovery is vastly important if you want to see overall growth and development through physical mental and overall capabilities of your athletic career. The most important thing to do is listen to your body don’t just listen to your body on the days when you don’t wanna do anything and you feel lazy but listen to it on your eager days on your ambitious days and on your days of feeling lazy take every bit of information that you’re getting from your body and apply that to the decision on how much should you do and how much did you rest. There will be people in your athletic career that can help you with this that can give you direction and guide you use these people but realize all along the way that you’re the number one determiner of what is best for you. With that being said direction is key so if you’re looking to find some direction and the things that you’re doing in the path that you’re taking don’t hesitate to reach out. At Next Level Athletics this is our specialty to build and develop athletes this means through training through guidance and through mentorship, we can give you the tools it takes to accelerate your game to the next level. If you’re interested in more information give us a call shoot us an email or message us on social media!