Speed training part one
This is the first of many articles all dedicated to speed training why we do it how we do it and the reasons that I can help you and accelerate your game. And this part we’re gonna be talking about why speed training and why speed is essential no matter what sport you play. We’re also going to Tyanne house speed training directly relates to sports performance training and how both of those going hand-in-hand mix with other skill training allows you to master your craft. So why speed training? Speed is one of your number one assets when it comes to sports no matter what sport it is whether it’s running faster-moving your arms faster getting to one spot faster if you have the ability to be efficient when it comes to speed you have the ability to be great at something no obviously you must be good at the skill portion of the Sport as well but speed can help you get there if you’re a basketball player being the fastest on the court can be extremely beneficial obviously when it comes to football and baseball on soccer speed is crucial but even when it comes to sports that don’t directly use straight line running speed it can still be extremely beneficial if you have that in your toolbox. And later articles will talk about speed correlation to other movements like explosiveness and agility but for now, will stick on just the topic of speed training. Anyone with the ability to do something efficiently quicker than the other has the ability to be better when it comes to that particular activity. The caveat here is can you do it efficiently so does your sport or skills stay the same even with more speed which screams to the benefit of starting speed training as early as possible. For example when it comes to basketball if you get your jump shot form down but then you add 8 inches to your vertical your jump shot all the sudden becomes more complex. You’re jumping higher if your release time takes longer because you have more time to travel upward which means you’re gonna have to play with the temple of your shot a little bit which again with all forms of athlete training screams to the benefit of starting early start developing early work on your craft continuously that way you progress as your body progresses. Speed training can be done in many ways but one thing to speed training is not as long-distance running and not even longer sprints like 400 m runs or 200 m runs speed training and acceleration go hand-in-hand and while they might be considered different topics because TopSpeed training and acceleration or two different things I would argue that acceleration you could call speed and those go hand-in-hand. By maximizing acceleration you’re able to then maximize TopSpeed and then maximize abilities after that. Going to import one on speed training here I will go even more in-depth of the house be tranny works ways that you can do it top speed training acceleration training and how all of that in twins with sports performance training in the future but don’t neglect speed training train actively through sports performance training sports training or athlete training to get that speed up.