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At Next Level Athletics our focus is on accelerating athletic careers. Whether you are trying to make the team or you are 13 years into your athletics career we have the training for you. Our group training is designed to maximize overall athletic abilities and accelerate athletic careers.

Next Level in my opinion has the best training staff in Tulsa! No matter the sport they can tailor-make the workout to exactly what you need for it. I’m 35 years old and still playing professional basketball overseas and owe a lot of that to the training we do in the summer!
Marcus Dove

Professional Basketball Player

Athlete Training 


Our number one goal here at Next Level Athletics is to help athletes of all ages and all sports reach their goals by giving them the tools they need to be the very best. We have put in the hours of work and research to ensure each athlete that walks into our doors has something to benefit from training with us. Every workout we create for our athletes has components or drills that are beneficial to everyone, at every age and skill level. We have athletes in sports performance training from age 8 all the way to professional athletes. We split our athletes into two age groups; 8-12 years and 13 and over. This is great for building confidence and social skills as an athlete and as an individual. We have classes 6 days a week to give every athlete a chance to hit their weekly goal of workouts while allowing for a day for rest, games, etc. Sports performance training is beneficial for every single athlete! No matter the sport they play and where they are in their athletic career, there is always room for improvement and skill development in our sports performance training. Whether an athlete is just starting their athletic career, or they are a professional player, athletes should be consistent with their sports performance training. And not just on those specific skills that help them in basketball or football, or whatever their sport may be. They are working hard and consistently on overall athleticism, which ties into the sport(s) they play. When you see a football player during Pro Day run through a ladder drill or a hurdle drill, they are usually super quick! That is not because they have played football all their life, it is because they work and have worked on sports performance training drills that help improve their footwork and their speed. We work on drills that help athletes improve their skills as a player, athletes, and teammates. We truly believe that every athlete can benefit from our sports performance training classes because we are not sport-specific, which means we cater to everyone, at every level. We combine strength training with explosive work, speed drills, balance, core, and so much more. We also use exercises and drills that help prevent injury and increase endurance for games and practice. Not only are we testing the athlete’s physical strength, but we also test the mental strength with some of the tougher drills. By constantly switching up what we do and the style of workout the athlete is doing for that day, we are challenging the body in different ways, which increases the skill level of every athlete. Our bodies naturally can adapt to the stress we put them through, which makes them incredible, but can prevent an athlete from improving overall. Because we pre-program our classes, we ensure that our athletes never do the same series of exercises twice, which is highly beneficial! No matter what their goal is, our trainers are here to help each athlete reach that goal, and achieve more than they ever thought they could. Let’s use an example. Ethan is a soccer player and has been a sports performance training athlete with us for two and a half years. His goal when he first started was to be a better soccer player so he could play professional soccer. He was fast, strong, a great team leader, and worked really really hard. He came to class consistently, took the proper recovery steps, and worked out in the off-season on his own, lifting weights and training with us three times a week. Even in season, he came to us as much as he could, even if it was just to hit compression for recovery or prep for a game. With all that hard work, consistency, and trust in the trainers, Ethan is now playing at DePaul University in Chicago. He is one of the best players for his age and continues to train consistently. This is the case for so many of our athletes! They see such amazing progress over time and get to their goals of playing for their dream college or team. This is what sets us apart; we put in the time and effort to create the best possible workouts that each athlete can benefit from. Helping them reach their goals is truly what makes us the happiest! For our youth athletes, this helps them tremendously as well because they are growing! We help them develop stability and strength which helps them reduce the risk of injury and develop an athlete. We also believe that our classes will help kids of all ages with their social skills and confidence. By putting them in classes with athletes their age, they can feel more comfortable as they work out, even if they are newer to the classes. Our classes are not competitive, but can definitely help push athletes towards maximum effort by seeing kids their age put in that same effort. Our trainers are all amazing and always seek what is best for each athlete. We learn about each kid that walks into our doors so that we know how and when to push them, and when they are working their absolute hardest. We begin to learn their schedules which helps us direct them! We can tell them when to stop and rest, and when it is okay to push them past their limits. Our trainers work really hard to ensure the safety of our athletes, and take pride in seeing them progress throughout their training. There is always music to help boost the mood and energy of each class, and the trainers are always there to make sure each athlete is having fun, working hard, and seeing the progress they want to see. We love to praise our sports performance training athletes for their hard work, and we recognize when goals have been reached! We go to events and games as often as we can, as we love to watch them play or perform! We truly take pride in what we do and love the relationships we have with each sports performance training athlete

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