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We hope this answers any questions you may have! If not please call or send us a message and we will answer you as quickly as possible.

How Do I Sign-Up?

Call us or come in to get signed up!

What Can I Expect While Training Here

Our Athletes will receive high-quality training with professional trainers with one goal… Make your athlete the best they can be!

What Ages Do You Train?

We Train athletes 8+ of any level and sport. We do have class times specific for different age groups (8-12 & 13+). Talk to your training staff for more details.

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At Next Level Athletics, we’re not just a gym, we are a community. we strive to provide the best community for every single person that walks in our doors. Whether you’re an athlete in our sports performance training, or in our traditional group fitness classes, our goal is to create a fun and uplifting space for you. We love the feeling of walking into a gym feeling welcomed and close to those around us. We make sure you are greeted with a smile and a welcome wave, and that you know where you are going. We want everyone to bond with each other and their trainers, which helps create a safe and positive environment for everyone to work out in. We understand that gyms can be intimidating and working out in a group setting can feel strange when you don’t know anyone, but we always go out of our way to make sure you find your perfect place in our gym. Our members are always welcoming, and our trainers are just the same. So now that you know a little about the atmosphere, let’s break down the styles of classes and everything we offer here at Next Level Athletics. Firstly, our Athlete Training is designed for athletes of all ages, all sports, and levels. We focus primarily on improving your overall athleticism by a series of exercises that help each athlete perform at their very best. Each class is a mix of workouts that help you increase speed, strength, vertical, power, and explosiveness. Every single workout is different, meaning you’ll never do the same workout twice. Each workout is designed and thought out by Josh, our head trainer, and owner, to ensure each muscle group is worked on in ways that benefit athletes specifically. Not only do we focus on how to be better as an athlete, we do a lot to ensure athletes lower their risk of injury. By training up to three times a week and allowing for the proper recovery time, keeps athletes of all ages safe and strong so they can endure the entire game and season. There are two styles of our athlete programs, traditional, and bolt. Our traditional style is 30 seconds of work and 30 seconds of rest. This allows the athlete to push hard and continuously while allowing for proper rest. Our Bolt is 15 seconds of work with a 30-second break. The athlete can put in maximal effort in a short amount of time with a longer rest period. We run bolt once a week and cycle through the days we do run it. When we run Bolt, we stick to exercises that the athlete can get through quickly and with a decent amount of reps. This helps the athlete with reaction and speed. We have a recovery room for every member, where we offer compression as an add-on to memberships. Compression is a great way to get the blood moving quickly to your muscles, which aids in quicker recovery and can help prevent injury. This is great for our athletes, but it is also great for anyone and everyone, which leads me to more about our group fitness classes for adults and the everyday workout person! Our group fitness classes are taught by a variety of trainers, Anna, Courtney, and Emma. We love the blend of styles and energy that different trainers bring. We keep our group fitness classes around 35 and they are all circuit style. We have cardio days, strength days, and hybrid days which is a blend of strength and cardio. We also put a huge emphasis on “functional” movements, which help us to enhance our daily lives as busy adults. Functional movements include squatting, core workouts, balance workouts, and cardio exercises that help improve your heart health. There are so many more, but those are some examples of what is important to focus on, and things we add in daily. The community of people we have is incredible. We have a Facebook group that everyone loves to communicate in, post motivation, progress photos, recipes, and so much more. This is also a great way for our members to get to know each other when they are not in class together on a regular basis. We also run fun challenges for members and non-members too! Fitness challenges, attendance challenges, and weight loss challenges which we do one to two times a year. We give prizes and perks so the members have something to work towards and motivate them to keep pushing towards their goals! When we run our big challenges that involve the community, which we do twice a year, we allow non-members and members to compete in the challenge. These challenges include unlimited classes and yoga, compression therapy, nutrition advice, weekly check-ins, and help setting attainable and reachable goals. The reason we do all of this is to help teach everyone balance and learn how to live a healthy lifestyle without cutting all the “bad” out of their lives. No one can be perfect and we should all be allowed to enjoy the things that taste good or make us feel good. We want everyone to experience balance but also be able to be disciplined without feeling guilty or sad about not eating certain foods. We allow non-members to run these challenges with us in hopes that it drives the desire to join our community to maintain their goals and live balanced! We also have some grand prizes to thank the members of that challenge for joining us and achieving the goals that they set for themselves. We are always pushing for growth in our community and welcome everyone into our space. If you are looking for a fitness community to join, we truly believe we are the place for you! We always offer a free week for anyone who wants to try us out before they commit, so please never hesitate to reach out and join us today. Bring a friend or partner and see what we’re all about! You will not regret it!