This article will talk about the relationship between shin angle and change of direction speed and its workings in Sports Performance Training. This is one of the things that I’ve seen a lot of researchers looking into and it’s one thing that really intrigues me. When changing direction obviously the goal is to go from one direction to the other as fast as possible and be able to accelerate out of it as quickly as possible. Maximizing the speed is essential to an athletic advantage over other opponents. Through sports performance training we can increase your ability to change direction for sports performance training details can be attended to make sure that our change of direction and acceleration out of that as quickly as possible this is where sports performance training becomes all-inclusive. By working on acceleration and by working on explosiveness with us improve our change of direction putting stress on the idea that working all aspects of athleticism is the way to go because they all bounce off of each other. Sports performance training that focuses on explosiveness as well as acceleration balance core strength and change I’ve directed you’re covering a lot of the bases as an athlete and this is why it’s so complex. In the article before we talked about how making sure that your trainer is qualified and knows what they’re doing is crucial and this is why it comes down to the fact that every little thing plays off of another so if you don’t have a good balance of all aspects of athleticism, you shouldn’t expect to see the increase is that nothing that would have the balance get half. So we sport performance training and particular change of direction training we need to be sure that we’ve already worked on our acceleration and we’ve also worked on deceleration as well as explosiveness so we can maximize the movement if we can’t decelerate properly into the movement and then explode out of that then it’s going to be much more difficult to accelerate out or much more difficult to change direction on a dime. Just like the deceleration we see when we’re doing a vertical jump as we’ve talked about in an article past were using similar deceleration when it comes to change of direction I need to be able to decelerate into the movement and transfer that energy in the office it direction this comes from explosiveness out and acceleration as well. But this is where shin angle comes in to play and wear sports performance training and use a shin angle and training for that to help you improve your change of direction a shins angle relative to the ground the smaller the angle the faster the change of direction obviously to its limits. This means that if you’re standing up straight there’s a 90° roughly correlation between your leg and the ground if you lean to the side and do a Side lunge you’ll find that the angle of your shin relative to the ground is lessened whenever we’re changing directions we wanna be sure that as much as our bodies capacity can hold and in a comfortable position can be maintained. By changing direction with a smaller shin angle a harsher shin angle you will be able to accelerate better and move quickly out of your change of direction. The reason for this being wherever we’re pushing through and exploding through which is the right leg the direction of a shin is going to be the angle at which our force is going so if my shit is upward I’m trying to push out of it the force will be going more upward than it will lateral and when a change of direction occurs we’re looking for a lateral change of direction not as much a vertical change of direction so I having a harsher shin angle you will see that you have increased your change of direction time because your force production is in the direction that you’re moving. shin angle is a pretty complex topic this is why sports performance training is crucial these are the benefits you get from sports performance training I’m here at Next Level Athletics our sports performance training focuses on these details to make sure they were maximizing overall athleticism and were not neglecting any area and that we’re getting you to the peak of athleticism so you think and take your game to the next level if you’re interested in trying one of our free sports performance training classes give us a call or contact us to get connected I will talk to you on the next block.

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