Next Level Athletics in my opinion the best training facility in Tulsa! No matter the sport they can tailor-make the workout to exactly what you want to get out of it. I’m 35 years old and still playing professional basketball overseas and owe a lot of that to the training we do in the summer!

Marcus Dove

Professional Basketball Player

I have known the trainers at Next Level for over a year now. It feels like I’ve known them forever. They have helped me in my athletic and non athletic career. They are very supportive to their clients and really care about their progress. I play D1 volleyball. I’ve trained with Josh since the summer after I was an intern for him. During Christmas break I’ve been going 5 times a week and love every minute of it! I am able to push myself to be a better athlete so that I return in better shape than when I left. The classes are fun and challenging. I always look forward to coming to next level, for the workouts and the community. I will miss it when I report for college but will come back in the summer to continue my training!

Macy Blackburn

D1 Volleyball

My experience with Next Level Athletics has been phenomenal. The training intensity is high and the staff works to push you outside of your comfort zone for growth. Workouts were constructed to work on specific needs of the athletes to help improve their game on the field/court which is a rare find!

Ashton Gordon

D1 Soccer

Next level Athletics has helped me transform my game even as a veteran basketball player. I thought my years of major improvement were over, but after a summer with Next Level, I was more agile and had a higher vertical jump when I went to my team in France!

Marshall Moses

Professional Basketball Player

Next Level Athletics has helped me so much! I am much more reactive and more explosive because of my training with them. It is helping me prepare for what is to come with college volleyball. I love training there and would recommend it to everyone.

Anna Merrill

D2 Volleyball

I’ve been going to Josh Jackson for training for roughly 4 years and he has been exactly what I have needed as a soccer athlete. I attend RSU and am in my second year as a sophomore. Next Level Athletics but more specifically Josh has helped me not only workout with other athletes in his gym consistently but helps me do the more specific needs for my sport and physique outside the gym. He has helped put together specific workouts that have helped me with my explosiveness and strength while not slowing me down in long distance running or acceleration. Next Level Athletics is the perfect gym for all types of athletes and would recommend any teammate or other kind of athlete to the gym. I cannot give any more credit to Josh Jackson then saying he has been the best trainer I’ve ever trained with. As a trainer Josh has been understanding, honest, and open to any need I have needed. Next Level Athletics is perfect for youth, high school, college, and even professional athletes of any kind.

Grant King

D2 Soccer

Training has been amazing here. I really feel that I am able to develop speed and quickness while also working on different movements to help my jumping and balancing ability. Josh is constantly encouraging everybody who works out and is always looking to improve your athletic ability with every exercise he has us do. I feel as though these workouts can help any athlete regardless of what sport you are in because of the various types of activities that you are given.

Kara Speer

D1 Basketball

Next Level Athletics is the greatest training facility in Oklahoma! I love the training staff and environment of the gym. It has helped me with volleyball so much. It has helped me improve my vertical and reaction time. I would recommend Next Level to anyone looking to improve their athletics potential.

Lily Merrill

Noah Volleyball