You have to bring the intensity as an athlete with training and especially sports performance training I need to bring the intensity every single workout to make sure that you’re maximizing all of the benefits that come with it. Amount of kids that I see not going as hard as they can on exercise because of lack of energy and lack of effort is astonishing and the crazy part is this is only affecting their overall well-being. Athletes need to hone in and focus on their intensity when it comes to workouts to make sure they’re getting everything they can. There’s no sense in wasting time and wasting energy when it comes to your sports performance training because this is just time wasted when it comes to your actual sport and overall development. The greats of all time get there because of their intensity and because of their hard work and effort put in don’t let it for you and think that there’s some magical thing that they do or have access to it is all down the hard work and repetitions. To be the best you have to act like the best and intensity and workouts is a major thing that contributes to this. Be aggressive be dominant and as an athlete go out and attack every single work out whether sports performance training or not to be sure that you’re maximizing all of the benefits that you can get from that workout. Drive every day find that goal find that motivation doesn’t let anything deter you and at all means by all costs you’re going to get your outcome and you’re going to get your goal whether it be through sports performance training their skill training or through the sport itself. Wake up and attack it today. If you’re interested in sports performance training I want more information about what we do here at Next Level Athletics or how what we do can help accelerate your athletic career please do not hesitate to reach out we offer a free week of sports performance training to anyone interested so this is a no-brainer it is a free week make sure you stop and get your work in and start accelerating your athletic career today.


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