As an athlete, it’s critical that you find your edge over the other athletes and then try to exploit that in-game. If you are the quickest if you have the best handle if you are the most agile or insert any other characteristic that you might be the best at your sport then you need to exploit that and use that to your advantage to try to maximize your abilities. Too many people get caught up in thinking that they need to be someone that they’re not I know back when I was playing basketball I thought that I needed to be the best player on the team I needed to score all the points I needed to do all of the big moves, but that in all reality just wasn’t the case and probably hurt me more than it helps me. And thinking this I Will get away ahead of myself rather than just focusing on the things that I do well. Because I will get out of myself my plate would be sloppy I wouldn’t do things I should be doing that’s resulting in poor play and not maximizing my abilities. If I would’ve leaned on my strong suits and pushed only that direction without trying to be someone that I wasn’t I would’ve seen much more longevity in my career. If you wanna an athlete finding the thing that you do the best or the thing that for yourself is your best quality and pushing that as hard as you can every single day is vital to your success. When it comes to sports performance training if you know what your edge is then you can tailor your sports performance training to push at this thing that you need. If you’re doing sports performance training but you’re not doing it to push the thing that you need you might not be maximizing your sports performance training. Supposed performance training is designed to give you every advantage you need as an athlete accelerating your career and giving you the tools to make sure that you can make it to the next level if you’re not sure about the areas that you need to excel and it’s gonna be tough for you to for hone in and get where you’re wanting to go. If you’re confused about where to start or how to start please do not hesitate to reach out to next-level athletics we specialize in sports performance training which means we deal with athletes daily that are in the same situation you are. Don’t be deterred get moving and just know the more you work the more successful you’ll be. Contact us a Next Level today for sports performance training information or to get started with your sports performance training free week do not hesitate to start your sports performance training today!


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