At the end of the day when it comes to your sports weather comes to your training or sports performance training anything like that who cares about your excuses? Write a list of all of the people that you would say genuinely care about your excuses. If you’ve come up with one or two names on that list let me be the first want to tell you that you’re wrong. No one outside of possibly your sweet innocent grandmother cares about your excuses. Your excuses are typically backed in fear by yourself you’re scared to do something so you put an excuse on it to ensure that you won’t have to do that thing. But this doesn’t mean that that’s a good decision. This doesn’t mean the decision was justified in the excuses justified all this means is that you’re not pushing towards your goals and you’ll probably now not going to achieve your goals because of implemented excuses. You have to do your best as an athlete to eliminate all excuses to elevate your game and to give no reason for why anything not going your way. If you are in control which you are then you have control over everything going on around you and you can then set your future. Take control of your excuses and if you need help on the mental side of this please do not hesitate to reach out and ask about that I specialize in sports performance training we also specialize in getting athletes to reach their full potential in whatever way this looks like for you whatever you need to do mentally physically or of any kind to elevate your game we have the solution for you and we want to get that solution to you. Come in and try a free week of sports performance training today CY or one of the best gyms in Tulsa for sports performance training and developing athletes’ overall futures.


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