As an athlete, you need to have goals planned out for what you want to achieve in your future if you don’t have goals you don’t have a direction if you have a goal then you can have a direction that you’re working days and will be able to self assess to see if you’re pushing towards that goal or not. It is important when we make these goals it would break them down in a way that’s feasible and attainable and we’re not just looking for the moon. We could say we want to be better than LeBron James and be worth billions of dollars and that’s our goal but we have to be realistic and realize that we might not be able to achieve the highest of highs of highest goals but they are some high-level goals that we can achieve. So that’s one of the first steps of clinical is to be realistic about what you’re going to be able to achieve. This doesn’t mean lower your goals to something that you know you can achieve you wanna put your goals just outside of what you believe possible so if you think I want to play college basketball and have a goal to play division one basketball is OK and even having to go to play professional basketball it’s OK but put together goals that are realistic for you. After we’ve created these goals we have to break them down and realize that let’s say you wanna be a professional soccer player then you have to break it down to what can I do every year to make that happen while we can improve our ball skills substantially in a year we can improve our shot accuracy to our shooting percentage is increased. We can also measure how much faster we’re getting and how much stronger we’re getting. We can monitor how many films we’re studying and how much knowledge we’re gaining of the game. These are all measurable things that we could do every year and see how we progress on. Once you’ve done this we need to break them down even smaller to monthly what can we do every month to be sure that we’re hitting those goals whether that has a membership at a gym that allows us to go get training in well that is setting goals for what all we’re gonna do with how we’re going to do it. Sending those monthly goals of what can we do every month to get to that final goal. And lastly setting up daily goals what can I do daily to be sure that I’m heading towards that goal. The daily basis is going to be the most important part of the school process what we’re doing daily to get to what we want in the future is key. If we planned our goals correctly the daily will lead to the monthly which will lead to the year which will lead to the overall goal so at the end of the day the daily goals are the most important but they must follow suit with the rest of your goals. If your goal is to run faster and you should probably be doing some sort of exercise or work out to make that happen on a daily or every other day basis. If your goal is to get better ball work in a better skill with the ball then you should probably be doing ball work every single day. It’s not complex when we start breaking it down this way but realize that you must break it down day by day month by month even week by week to make sure you get to your goals. If you need help setting your goals or you’re not sure where to start please do not hesitate to reach out and ask about Lenix be specialize in after development which means the goalsetting process as well as the work that goes in behind it. I sports performance training a second to none we offer a free week of sports performance training to anyone interested. If you are interested in sports performance training and please do not hesitate to give us a call and let’s get started today!

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