There’s a science sports performance training, and getting the results you’re wanting as an athlete takes time development and it takes a certain process to get to and it doesn’t just happen Night. You must realize as an athlete and as a parent that to simply jump higher you don’t just go jump all the time does it help to jump higher absolutely but either a lot of other factors that come into play could significantly affect your jumping that doesn’t have to do with just jumping. Answer this question is yes or multiple things that you can do to improve your overall jumping abilities and multiple things you should do to improve your overall jumping abilities I don’t have to do directly with just jumping. You need to realize that all the little things add up and then if you just work on one of those things the rest of the areas will suffer so when it comes to even working on sprint work or working on change of direction or working on balance and upper body all of those things complete a roll into helping other goals as well such as vertical jump. Are those the tried and true must-do things to improve your vertical one now but they’re definitely not hurting and probably helping the process. So if you’re not the door parent and you’re wondering if what you’re doing is enough or if it’s even correct then ask questions but they’re asking questions realize that it doesn’t have to just be jumping that works I’m jumping I can be a multiple Avenue type thing or multiple things help to chief want the specific goal. We’re doing sports performance training realize that an overall athlete is gonna be better than a one-dimensional athlete and that if you’re just working on jumping only you’re missing out on some of the other abilities that are going to do with an athlete I change the direction speed in so long. If you’re interested in trying sports performance training or you have more questions on how sports performance training should be done what you should be doing the sports training how soon should you see results or anything like that please do not hesitate to reach out and ask about Lenix we specialize in sports performance training for athletes of all levels. We wanna offer a free week of sports performance training to anyone interested so do not miss your opportunity to come in and try a sports performance training class today.

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