The process of developing in your athletic career and stressful can be difficult it can be filled with fear and worry. Does this isn’t directly about sports performance training it goes along with the mindset with sports performance training might push you to do something in that world? We find ourselves naturally as a human instinct does pushing towards comfort. Finding the areas where we don’t feel stressed we don’t feel worried we feel happy with Phillips and that excites us. Within seek out these areas day in and day out trying to find our comfort wherever we can and trying to avoid as much hardship as possible to keep us in the best happy state. Is this the best state though? The answer to this question is no with being uncomfortable comes progress comes development incomes a continuous push and development towards our goals. Soon we find this comfort we must realize the discomfort is doing nothing but keeping us from achieving our full potential. We find comfort in the same gym that we’ve always worked out and we find comfort in doing things like playing around of one on one with a friend rather than working on your craft. We find comfort in the conversations about the goals and dreams and how we’re going to do it and how it’s going to happen. The issue with these things or they might not be the exact steps we have to take to get us to those goals. And nine times out of 10 we have one area that we aren’t too confident in or comfortable in and we avoided it at all costs because we want to stay comfortable. You must make yourself push outside of your comfort zone push towards the things you know you need to do that your gut is telling you you need to do. Abandoning The things I feel easy I feel fun I feel enjoyable that were using us excuses and crutches to tell us we’re going towards our goals. With this being said I’m not saying don’t have fun I’m not saying don’t enjoy hanging out with friends and don’t play one on one with friends but the second we start using these things as excuses as to why we’re not doing whatever else it is that we should be doing then it becomes an issue. Don’t let yourself fall victim to this make sure that you have control of your athletic career whether it’s through skill training sports the forms training of the sport itself. Annex of others we offer sports performance training for athletes of all levels giving you the tools you need to find and reach your goals. If you’re interested in a free week of sports performance training please do not hesitate to reach out. We hope to see you and some of our sports performance training classes soon!


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