In other articles we’ve talked about sports performance training we spoke on the idea of consistency and continuously applying time to what you’re doing with sports performance training to maximize it. I want to give you the idea of the 10° rule something that I’ve heard used in life and business but have not yet heard in sport. If you’re an athlete and today you change your direction or your work or your dedication or your drive or whatever it may be by only 10° by tomorrow you’re not gonna see that much of an impact. In a week you’re gonna see maybe a little different. And a month you’re going to see an actual difference. In six months a year two years three years you are going to see massive differences in massive changes and everything that it is you’re doing. This isn’t a matter of having to do a full 180° switch to get to where you need to be if we take a 10° switch which is very very easy and that might be the difference in doing some of your exercises at home one day a week throwing in some core here and there or even doing some balance drills whenever you see fit. This could even boil down to the mental side and doing exercises to help your mind to help your confidence to minimize your stress and anxiety. But if you can change what you’re doing by only 10% and see massive changes over time then there is no reason to not go ahead and change that 10 degrees. If you’re serious about getting to where you want to be it’s going to take change sometimes drastic change is difficult and it’s hard to keep up but if you can change my only 10 degrees then you’re going to be on your way. If you’re interested in where to start to get this 10° difference or if you’re interested in sports performance training as a whole would love to help. At Next Level Athletics we specialize in sports performance training at all levels giving you the tools you need to maximize your game and take your game to the next level. Do not hesitate to reach out again we offer a free week so there’s no reason not to come in and try. Will see you soon!

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