In the past two vertical jump training articles, I’ve talked about the benefits of vertical jump training and I’ve talked about the vertical jump technique training that goes along with vertical jump training. In this article, I’m gonna talk about the workouts or sports performance training that you can do in order to increase your vertical so I will be talking about the exact vertical jump training. There are millions of different exercises and millions of different workouts you can do in order to enhance your abilities to jump higher run faster and everything you were doing sports performance training but there are some key things you should focus on while trying to improve your vertical jump through sports performance training. The first thing you should do is break up your exercises in terms of the goal when it comes to vertical jump we have to have some acceleration into our jump and be efficient through pushing out laterally into our jump. We also need to be sufficient and decelerate, slowing our movement down and transferring that momentum from lateral to vertical. We need to be working on force development and power for increasing how much force were pushing into the floor on our jump. And we also need to be working on our velocity the speed at which were exploding up through our vertical jump. So we have our acceleration or deceleration or force production in our velocity we need to be training all of these categories in order to increase our vertical jump are those exercises we can do that go hand-in-hand by working on broad jumps for working on that lateral push as well as our speed and velocity of reinforced production. Two of the main concepts that we need to focus on for vertical jump that will help standing approach off of to or approach off of one as our force in our velocity we need to increase the amount of force we can press into the ground while keeping velocity high. This does not mean working only on heavyweights slow squats seeing how much we can get for Max and how high we can go because when we look at doing spots like this or velocity tends to be extremely low because our force is extremely high because were maxing out that force production. While there are some doses and some times that this is okay, our main focus needs to be on doing a mixture of force and velocity maxing out a force or weight and maxing out the speed at which we do it this means you might have to get creative if you don’t have crazy technology available and get somebody to time you from the bottom of your squat to the top of your spot try to get that right around half a second or below on your momentum going upward every time and if you’re not hitting that that means you’re at to have you have a wait although the squat portion might feel easy hitting those time points might feel more difficult. So mixing both force and velocity through an example being the barbell Squat well then increase your force and velocity of your jump. We need to be mindful when doing this that we’re not doing full data squats that are unrealistic to our jumping angle and one of the articles we’ve talked about jump angle whatever angle is optimal for you to jump out of and that needs to be our ideal angle when we’re working on increasing a vertical again there are times we’re going more than this is okay but for the most part we need to be sure that our jumping angle is the same one squatting and when doing any other explosive movements with the goal being to increase our overall vertical. By dosing out and strategizing your vertical jump training and sports performance training you should be able to see an increase in the overall vertical jump. We will go into more detail on this in the future but for now, will leave it at that focus on acceleration focus on deceleration focus on force, and focus on velocity if you focus on those things and work through those things you should see an increase in your vertical jump all within the spectrum of what your jump looks like if you have any questions on this or are you looking to get some sports performance training vertical jump training or vertical jump technique training reach out to next level athletics we will be happy to help.

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