Vertical jump training is one massive thing that we focus on at Next Level Athletics by increasing your vertical you can increase your athletic ability and what you can do in-game to make yourself a superior athlete through sports performance training and thus are vertical jump training we can help you excel to new heights. While the vertical jump in comes down to a multitude of things put simply vertical jump training and vertical jump is composed of how hard are you pressing into the ground and at what rate are you pressing into the ground so how much force and how much velocity through our sports performance training in our vertical jump training we give you the ability to increase your force and velocity plus increasing your vertical jump. Through our custom training a Next Level Athletics we have seen huge strides in vertical jump abilities throughout vertical jump training we’ve seen athletes in as little as two months increase the vertical by 7 inches standing vertical not approach. On some of the lower scales, we see an average increase of 2 to 4 inches in two months we’ve seen it in all athletes of all sports. All athletes of all levels. All the way from middle school up to Pro. Our vertical jump training stands alone and increasing athletes’ verticals and pushing them to new heights. If you’re an athlete and you’re interested in vertical jump training don’t hesitate to come in and try a free class so we can show you what our vertical jump training can do for you. Not only do we offer sports performance training and vertical jump training to increase your force and velocity but we also do technique training for vertical jump creating an all-in-one experience and allows you to amplify your vertical jump and take your game to the next level. Like I said before we always offer a free class at Next Level Athletics offering you the ability to come in and get a jumpstart on your vertical and on your all-around sports performance training and see how we do it and one-of-a-kind training. Call us today my number is 918-720-8835. You can also email us all of this information about sports performance training vertical jump training and any other types of training we do at our facility you can reach out to us on our contacts page to get more information.