I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had this conversation when it comes to vertical jump training. The question of “why did I not beat my last jump?“ or any variation of this that I met with a lot of kids who don’t increase their vertical every time they test. This is a very common misconception when it comes to vertical jump training. And I always use this example when dealing with it. “Does Usain Bolt break the world record every single time that he races?“. The answer to this question is obviously no Usain Bolt’s ability to break the world record is not a continuous thing he doesn’t break it every time he runs he doesn’t train harder and then break it the next time he runs it’s a record it’s something that’s difficult to be broken because it was his absolute best on a perfect day. When it comes to vertical jump training the thought is the more you train the higher your vertical is and it just is all as one increases the others does as well. Well in theory you would think this would be true it is actually not just because you continue to train doesn’t mean your vertical continues to go up. Are you looking to increase your vertical it’s over a long period of time? It also just has to do with how fresh you are the day that you test or how tired you are the day that you test or what’s been going on mentally since you’ve tested last time. There are so many reasons as to why you might not get a higher vertical every time you jump so when it comes to vertical jump training you shouldn’t expect to see this increase every time that you jump. Vertical training is a tedious process it’s something that takes time it’s something that you have to work through to figure out how to increase your vertical. And vertical jump training you have to decide whether to speed whether it’s your power with her at your overall strength whether it’s your fast-twitch muscles exploding at a high velocity. For vertical jump training, there is no straightforward answer is an answer that always constantly changes depending on who you are and the day. So with vertical jump training just know that any progress in the direction that is productive like doing sports performance training or sports training is productive and is working whether it happens in a week a month or a year your body is developing your body skills are increasing. Don’t rush your vertical jump training rather push yourself and let the results come to you without expectations without assuming that you should increase because oftentimes those expectations are met with discouragement. If you’re interested in doing vertical jump training or looking for a proper vertical jump trainer please don’t hesitate to reach out we’d love to connect you with one of our staff you can call or email us to get set up and as always our first session is free.




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