As an athlete in the perspective of a sports performance trainer should you be a single sport or multi-sport athlete? My professional opinion I believe in science would back this multi-sport athlete I’m more likely to have successful futures have less of a risk of injury and more movement patterns that will be lucrative with developing overall athletic capabilities. When you’re performing one sport you tend to move in the same patterns in the same ways on a repeated basis. Think of whatever sport you play and think of predominant patterns that you have other sports might not have as much of. These movement patterns well efficient for your sport become repetitive for the body and if they require a certain group of muscles to be working an active while others are not those that are not active or not getting the proper training that they need to be developed to not only prevent injury but help to improve all of your capabilities. Take the example of if you went and you played around of golf or you went and played one other sport they haven’t played in a long time typically the next day you’re very sore when you come to golf your core is going to be much sorer than you’re used to if you’re a basketball or volleyball player and you go to play soccer you’re probably gonna have a little bit more pain in your ankles and or Inside of your legs. This just shows you that you’re working for other muscle groups in different ways in your body is used to that’s requiring different communication from your brain different outfits from your body and different levels of explosiveness to instigate those areas. Moto sports athletes would get all of these areas continuously that’s refining their entire athletic capabilities and then tire athletic build I’m making them do more than just wet ones were required of them. This is why you see the multi-sport athletes’ time to be healthier and have more longevity because they’re actively exercising different areas of the body that would be beneficial for them. Sports performance training can help to minimize your risk of injury and give you what multi-sport athletes forget without necessarily having to be a multi-sport. If you perform sports performance training you’ll be able to get a stimulus multi-sport training without having to commit to another sport. If I was an athlete you feel like you’re behind and you’re supporting you as much time as you can working on your individual sports performance training could be a very good way not only to increase your broth abilities but increase your chances of playing at the next level as well as decreasing a chance of injury and pushing you to the next level. If you’re interested in trying a free week of sports performance training please do not hesitate to reach out and ask them about athletics we specialize in sports performance training at all levels giving you the tools you need to achieve the goals you want. Please do not hesitate to reach out to the next athletics beginner sports performance training journey today.

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