00:02 S1: What’s going on? Welcome to the Next Level athletics sports performance training podcast. I’m your host, Josh. I guess I’m your co-host, Josh. And I’m your other co-host Ryan. You have to see, I was used to say it so much on all the other podcasts, now you’re gonna introduce yourself historical. Off to a good start. I hope everybody is doing fantastic. We’re gonna tail off, this is a few days since we recorded our last one, but we’re gonna tail off of what we were talking about before, branch into another area that we focus on here at Next Level Athletics. We talked about the athletic training side of it, now we’re gonna be talking about the military and veteran training side, and that actually all resides under something that is not technically next level athletics, so all that… You take that away.

00:55 S2: Yeah, so as we proforma and I have always have been helped by military non-profits and things like that, you should say like Help me do stuff better and medical stuff and all that kind of stuff. But I wasn’t really in a position to help people. So I’ve used services is to say, and when we met with one of… Our good friends are Eagle Ops, set up, e-gopher, also check them out. They helped me as a big part of probably me build what we’re getting ready to get into a talk about his Tactical Motivation Headquarters or TacMotoHQ is what we call it. You can check out or military and veteran training. Check that out at tablet COM, and the same thing on Facebook at technique. Basically, we’re using the gym to help build a better… A non-profit where we can focus on providing veterans with a community that built on a foundation of exercise, recovery, in personal development. So in the gym, basically, that’s what the gyms at least come in and we train them, we make sure they need recoveries and they get their exercise in shape, and then your recovery and also personally becoming a better person in general with an app is a big part of being a better app.

02:26 S1: Yeah, that’s something that we obviously all about the physical fitness industry, it’s shown… And everybody… This is almost universally, so it’s crazy that more people don’t take advantage of it, but to overall health is increased by physical fitness, overall well-being in terms of mental and physical is increased. And then like you were talking about the community. I think that’s a big part that’s overlooked is working out with people… It’s crazy.

02:52 S2: Man, most people that side away from going to the gym and working out of the time is because they don’t want to put themselves and the… If they don’t have friends, they’re not… They probably don’t have a lot of friends or Jim resounding, that kind of stuff. So they don’t have anybody to go with. All their friends are in your hangar, und watching games, and denote the ascanio is an… Especially with military and veteran training, that kind of tends to be… When they get out, a lot of them don’t have that community, and even if you didn’t go for and you didn’t do some of the more intense things, it’s a different lifestyle, so when you come out, the way you think, the way you operate, just understanding what it was it’s a… Civilian life is drastically different. Even if it’s not that horrible issues that come with that… Yeah.

03:53 S1: For sure, it gives you… Having that community, having friends gives you motivation ’cause you have accountability, and it’s really easy if you’re the only one depending on doing something to say, You know what, I’m good to step away like, I don’t need to do this today. I get caught in that all the time, but when I have somebody there, it’s like, Hey, we’re doing this, it changes everything, and now it’s almost… I’m not forced, but I feel obligated to just what you want or

04:19 S2: You good friends like, Hey man, let’s go to the gym, you’re like even sitting around or are you do whatever you’re doing, you’re like, Yeah, man, that sounds like… Yeah, let’s do that. I mean, just nothing else, then you got petite in your body, and so moving that community where they’re able to come here, we have recruit training as well as military and veteran training, so one of our good friends is a recruiter here in broken arrow and they bring the pool these in, we train them, we get them ready for bootcamp, they haven’t had any pool for those Knowles who signed up to go into the litary, in this case, I’m morning for… But they haven’t got to boot camp yet, so they train with their recruiters to get ready and go, can… Yeah, they haven’t had anyone failed their initial strength tester is if you are referred to later on their IT… Since they started coming here… Yeah, so they’re going to bootcamp better, quick to become better.

05:16 S1: Which is just the proof in the pudding that what we’re doing is working and it’s changing people’s perspective and lives in physical fitness, which is awesome. So we have the pool is training with us, and we’ve had in the past, some vets and active service members train with us, one thing now, the goal is we are building everything is to build the foundation of what could be massive, and that’s where all the side of getting more people involved, they… More people here, because if we have that community, communities are contagious and especially if that community has been through and experience what you have…

05:56 S2: Yeah, and they can bond over that and having an outside of being in the military, it’s difficult, a lot of people don’t know about the non-profits until they meet somebody who tells them, Hey, if you’ve seen or whatever, so yeah.

06:12 S1: I mean, that’s one thing eagles ops is great about. App-shotgun is when we go to those things, they connect to people with all these other things, I am a patriot, which if you don’t know what a patron is, it means I have never been served in the military and veteran training, so with that going to these events, it’s crazy ’cause we go there and there’s always somebody that’s like, Yeah, I’m not connected with the VA or whatever it might be, and it’s like, these are all things that are out there put in place to serve people, so if you can… Not just outside of the individual community, but the business community, show and help point people in directions and everybody’s gonna have to help that they need.

06:46 S2: And being veteran, the disconnect between the new guys, the police, the active service members that are in right now, and the military and veteran training they all kind of… The bullies don’t have anything, there’s no community or whatever, it’s like, Hey, you’re going in. I do for you. You’re in right now when I’m going, Oh, tell me about it. And there is an Abe on that and connecting military and veteran training, there’s better stuff out there like ops, but there’s not a lot of connecting veterans in a community of active duty service members, anoles where the veterans can provide that information there knowledge, share with those guys and the guys going in, so they love and they love being able to mentor and that of stuff because I like they’re back in, and it’s just not really out there yet, it doesn’t exist, but it’s just not… They’re not… Each one doesn’t mean this, they all have their kind of groups, but we’re gonna be able to read them all to other deer, which I’m super excited about.

07:49 S1: Yeah, yeah, it’s gonna be an awesome opportunity for us to try to make a little bit of a dent and help out those in the process of a… It’s gonna be great. And then for the veterans, where is the active duty and the guys going in more towards our athletic Touraine in getting in shape.

08:09 S2: Stanier veterans to do net as well, obviously. But for the ones who are working with the VA who have issues, your knee problems, we all got knees and backs and all that kind of Tessie, there’s some recovery involved in that, for sure. And that’s gonna be a big focus of tacna, being able to work with the VA as what… To provide recovery-based PT and things of that nature, along with maybe some things that the VA is currently looking into, but is it necessarily has to do the therapies on hominins? We’re allowing this to be something that we do around therapy, hyperbaric chamber is a big thing, they do a lot of studies right now are showing that helps military and veteran training and everything like that with PTSD and sleep and all kinds of stuff. For sure, we’re gonna build tech lot where you can provide all of those things that eventually the Beale… Well, I’m sure we’ll get into because the studies are going that way, in the meantime, we can be able to provide it to them when they wouldn’t be only get otherwise. For sure. And going to PT at the VA is an interesting experience.

09:22 S2: I’ve got it. It’s more, they’re trying to make sure that you can move and do everything to this, the spec that they say, Okay, you’re not hindered or your whatever fruits, not really. Quality of life per se. Definitely, so being able to do PT here with the same Pat’s also here when you’re doing your training, if you’re doing because he is getting you better, but that doesn’t mean that why you’re doing toucan do kind of thing side of that to make sure your whole body is in a position to support back whatever that injuries or whatever I do better. Definitely, and being a part of that whole process is huge, as they see what you’re doing, they know there’s… Okay, I noticed you were struggling in this, let’s work on this more, or they… Yeah, T’s

10:16 S1: One of the biggest things that PT across the board, whether it’s with the VA, whether it’s with anybody, there’s a disconnect between time done with PT because insurance, because money, whatever it may be, ’cause it’s expensive to… Time back to full health, and PT gets you to the point where if you did stuff, you could get to full health, so they make sure that all of the major concerns are gone, but PT does not help with that middle ground, which we are direct helpers at that middle ground, that is our job on the athletes I’d end on the older side, the idea is get back to a good functional fitness level that allows you to go through life and like normal to that and not just normal, but better than you may have thought you could… A lot of exact come in and they’re like, Oh, you know, I know you got a limp or is gone, I would get p and said this way, you get them in and they do a few things and then they’re like, Oh man, my… It feels great. I’ve been able to move this… Great, yeah.

11:24 S2: This is… Because they’re looking to make sure you can walk. And once you can do that, then you can sign up

11:30 S1: And we want you to run and do…

11:32 S2: To do the things you do, which a lot of people don’t think it is because their doctors don’t tell them that… Exactly that, a lot more than I do on other ball game, they’re just trying to get you healed and not necessarily take you back to your end.

11:44 S1: That’s where even outside of PT, just as in the training alone, our goal with everybody that we have that comes in here is get you to be able to do the things that you want to do. So if you feel like I’m too old to get into this stuff and I can’t manage these things, but we want that because then we can come in and it’s like, No, it’s possible. You can get back to where you can go on bike rides, where you can go rock climb if you want to, all of these things that’s our goal is to enhance quality of life, ’cause the more things you can do and the more things you feel confident doing the happier you’re gonna be

12:17 S2: 100% and just like me being so excited to be in a physician, having a gym where I can help build a non-profit to give back to other veterans who came before me, the ones that are gonna come after me, it’s… So fulfilling, just like we talk to previous ones about how training these kids and knowing that you’re making their life better is amazing, specifically for me, being able to help be… I haven’t been through some of the stuff into the guys have gone through, I’m not like the ultimate mine or you know what else I had… I haven’t been through a lot of the hardships, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t understand, I’ve been through enough to know a little bit about it, but my part is finding those people who have been through it, people have overcome it, who are doing well, or find those people who aren’t help them or get them to what they’re doing well, and then have them give them a place where they can give back to their other veterans or help those people through to help build that community where they feel like they have purpose again, because even though they come out and they might have a good job and they do all this stuff is not the same for us, and so…

13:32 S2: Having that space is very important. It’s gonna be awesome. We’re super, super excited about that whole side of stuff, I think we wrap this one up here, we move on to the next is… Isn’t the last deal here at all, from the military side of things, will probably end up having a podcast that’s directly for military and veteran training, and we’ll do a lot of interview-based stuff on that, that will be headed up by you, not by me, but the interview process, the Yes, that’ll wrap up this one time. Thank you for listening to the next level athletic sports training podcast. Any final thoughts on your end, just a good check out our Facebook page and I can share it, even if you’re not a veteran, you may know somebody who sees that and they’re like, Oh man, you know, I need some help. The more people who know about this, the more people who can help, and you never know what we need to help…

14:24 S1: Exactly like Eagle Ops, reach one more.

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