Agility training as a whole is reacting to specific stimuli in the quickest fashion possible. When we think of Sports Performance training and agility training we think of soccer being quick with your movements basketball being quick on defense and quick and shifty on our fence and football we think of juking in quick feet as a running back. Well, agility training commonly uses an agility ladder which serves the great purpose of increasing your overall foot speed it does not necessarily directly relate to Sports Performance training. When we look at agility and the people who are the most agile they are the people that do Sports Performance training to increase the reaction time and not just Sports Performance training to increase their foot speed. If you have an incredibly high foot speed but extremely slow reaction time then you aren’t going to look very agile. Or agility training comes in many forms and fashions one of the most predominant beings incorporating reaction training into as much of our work as possible. There is Sports Performance training if we can increase your reaction time as well as your foot speed and your force and explosiveness out then will be at peak of Sports Performance. Well, training as a whole can be complex for the average person looking to do Sports Performance to improve their overall skill set you need to think of Sports Performance training as being something very simple. Agility training is reaction-based training designed with speed of movement. For example for Sports Performance training today we’re going to be doing a reactive see that max high jump while we’re not sprinting while we’re not using an agility ladder firing off explosively with our muscles it’s going to work on that reactive Sports Performance to maximize our Sports Performance. You don’t need much fancy stuff for this kind of drill for example if you’re at home and you want to do Sports Performance training get a chair and have your mom your dad your sister your brother a friend help sit down in the chair relax the legs while being in an active upper body position tell your friend or your parent to give you a Q and once they’ve given you that you push and explode off as hard as you can into a Max height jump. If you are interested in agility training or looking for Sports Performance training in your area please don’t hesitate to reach out and next level athletics we offer the best in agility training and we want it to be available to everyone. We offer a free week of training for anyone looking to do our sports performance and agility training. If you’re interested please give us a call or send us an email to get connected! Be sure you are maximizing every day! They go by without you working on your craft to be the best version of yourself possible. Put yourself on a daily basis and don’t accept average in order to achieve the goals you want to achieve it’s going to take hard work and dedication.

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