Being mentally tough as an athlete and how sports training can help.

Being a high-level athlete is obviously an amazing achievement in and of itself. So much goes into being this high-level athlete how athletic you are how good you are at that particular sport and one thing that might trump all of them is your mental capacity while playing sport. What I mean by that is your mental fortitude your mental toughness whether you can deal with situations mentally not be discouraged and keep the same mindset that you’ve had for the entire time. You see situations like this time and time again and insanely high-level athlete best of their class something happens whether it’s a bad game I miss shot an injury or so on and I’m never mentally the same yes physicality comes in the play sometimes especially with injuries but when you don’t have that same above all else killer confidence things can become difficult. You see situations of this everywhere from the NFL NBA professional soccer and every sport. The tough part is it’s hard to prepare for this and it’s hard to know what to do when a situation like this arises so you must think what are the best ways that I can work around it right now what are ways that I can build my mental fortitude to be sure that it doesn’t happen to me to be sure that my confidence doesn’t get in the way of my overall success. One way I think this can be done is the sports training. By pushing your body to the limits in sports training getting every bit out of a grueling workout that’s physically painful and it takes above all else mental persistence you are thus building your mental fortitude. Anytime you’re in a difficult situation in a situation where you want to quit where you want to stop where because of one other action you might not think that the next as possible this is when we test and try our mental fortitude this is when we can develop our mental fortitude to be sure that we can handle any situation in and off the field. So I’m looking at sports training looking at

work out in particular we can look at the side of another rep and another rep when your muscles might be on fire you might be hurting you might be burning but you know that those extra reps could be the difference in your game going to the next level or not you could realize that those extra reps are actually the reps account and all the reps that you don’t feel anything might as well not be there. Now obviously this isn’t completely true and take some wraps or you don’t feel anything to get to the reps where you do feel something but the point is the same pushing into those last reps is the most crucial part. The same can be seen with a trying physical test that you might not perform well whether it’s a vertical jump for 510 five a sprint where you think your expectations might lead you may be different to the outcome that you receive being aware of this and realizing that it is those extra wraps it is those extra sets it is the recovery and everything else you do that gets you to that next point in those tests. But performing this test realizing that you’re not where you need to be where you want to be or one day is worse than another through sports training you’re able to find these limitations and push past them to test her overall mental capacity. This can also be done on the corner on the field while you play when you lose how do you deal with it when you miss a shot how do you deal with it but from my world in particular it all revolves around sports training so how can you use that sports training to push yourself to develop more of a mental fortitude well it starts with mental toughness it starts with giving all that you have for every rap every workout not letting your mind get in the way of your overall physical success because it burns or you’re tired or you didn’t get the score you wanted to. So in the never-ending puzzle of an athlete you have to figure out how do I take advantage of every opportunity that I have for an athlete doing sports training realizing that that’s another opportunity to not only build your physical game but build your mental game is an extremely useful tool to add to your arsenal. So whenever you’re playing the game whenever your performing sports training thinks about those things push those things to developmental fortitude so you have the mental toughness to combat anything that might come your way. That will be all for the sports training blog thank you for reading will talk next time.