As an athlete, you must be able to flip a switch and become a ruthless animal when it comes to sports performance training. So often the athletes that have all the potential in the world but they’re unable to get the brain to that level of aggressive and no exceptions all-out work. Athletes you can get to this same massive amount of success and athletes who can’t quite get there don’t. We must now figure out how we push ourselves to get there how can we flip that switch to put us in that state to maximize our potential and invoke are well on the opponents. The greats of all time do this always look at someone like Michael Jordan or Kobe they have the switch that they flip in their head when that switch is flipped they become ruthless they become a killer there’s no longer your friend they’re going to impose their will on you. Because they’re able to do this they see the massive amount of success that most others could only dream of. If you as an athlete can get yourself to the state in this mindset it will treat you the same. All the potential that you have is bottled up just waiting for that switch to be flipped so you can release at all but if you don’t know how to flip the switch you’ll never be able to. This isn’t just some quick fix but if you can think to times where you have flipped that switch where am I’ve been in that mindset and reflect on what you were doing how you were standing what you were feeling how you were breathing what it is you were looking at listening to who you were talking to think about those times think about what might have been happening in those times and try to mirror that and you might be able to get yourself back in the state. If you’re interested in more information on getting into an aggressive state dominating your competition and taking your game to the next level please do not hesitate to reach out next athletics we offer a free week of training to anyone interested so do not miss your opportunity get connected and get started on your journey today!


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