Sports Performance Training Class

SPT Class

When we look at sports performance training and inside of that vertical jump training and how vertical jump training is done and why we do the things that we do for vertical jump training we look at a few areas. Is there a certain sports performance training as a whole because both of these components are essential when looking at developing overall athleticism through sports performance training the two aspects that we’re gonna talk about are our force and velocity. In sports performance training one of our biggest focuses is on force and velocity we want to create an all-around well-rounded athlete and me sports performance training but through force and velocity training both and one force times velocity we can directly improve our vertical jump. He said by increasing the amount of force that we can put into the ground so let’s say that you weigh 170 pounds but you can put 300 pounds of force into the ground or then that means that you can apply 300 pounds of force to launch yourself into the air into a vertical jump. Now where this gets a little bit confusing as your first thought would be why I just need to do back squad and if I can go and I can squat 350 pounds then my force would be 350 pounds into the ground which should then make me jump higher. Well in theory that sounds like it might be right I want you to think about all of these big bodybuilders or strongest men competition all of those guys do not have the highest verticals and then look at basketball players with incredibly high verticals typically smaller Lancashire and not quite as buff. This gives us insight into the next layer of sports performance training that we wanted to focus on which is velocity if we have force with no velocity then we do not have a high vertical if we have a velocity with no force then we don’t have an extremely high vertical what we need is a mix of both when we are forced to be very high and we need the ability to apply that force very quickly. So that mix of force being extremely high if I can put 350 pounds of pressure into the ground and unlike a back squat where I might get that up in two or three seconds I can explode that up in point five seconds then we’re looking at a massive increase in our overall vertical. So I back squats wrong for sports performance training no our backs wants to be done in a slow in a really heavy manner possibly if we are going to be performing back spots for a sports performance training we should make sure that our E centric motion is smooth and control followed by a very quick and explosive concentric movement. Is it for sports performance training as much change the weight that we’re gonna be doing when it comes to squat because my Mac squat could be 315 pounds but slowly my max squat for velocity meaning I get up and .4 point6 seconds somewhere in there might be 225 so now we’re looking at having different masses that means you don’t have to have the Masson max for both forces and then force plus velocity but we do want to be working a speed strength and our sports training? Sorry major components are increasing our overall force reduced to a lot of things anything we’re giving maximal exertion or we’re doing a weighted jump of some kind or a weighted explosive movement even if that is squats and velocity was when we do very Quick movements with quick explosive jumps a lot of times with less weight so we can perform these movements even faster. This is our approach the Sports Performance Training if you’re interested in trying this in our sports performance training classes don’t hesitate to reach an outcome and try a Free week of training on us. Start taking your game to the next level using my sports performance training.