I’ve been reading the Inner Game of Tennis, a book about the mental side of peak performance. In this, it talks about the struggles of your mind and how the battle within can be one of the most detrimental to what it is you’re trying to do. The same is true when it comes to sports performance training or sports of any kind the mental battle within is half the challenge if you can conquer that typically you can get to a really high level. So how do you conquer the mental side how do you conquer the voices in your head I think you do that through sports performance training and skill training and practice as a whole. If you can use sports performance training to help sharpen your mind and realize that that is the practice at which you can control your mind so when you step on the Field or on the court you are then ready to perform at your highest level because of your mental fortitude. If you do not work on the mental side and you do not try to make strides on the mental side then you might suffer at the end of it at the end of the day. Do you have all the skills for the second your thoughts or your mind get off track it can ruin an entire game season or career? Using sports performance training as a means to control your mind and control your emotions and thoughts and direct them in the direction that you’re wanting to go and could be crucial to maximizing your mental fortitude and maximizing your game. If you’re interested in doing sports performance training in order to work on your mental game and start developing your career and taking your career to the next level would love to help you. Next time athletics we specialize in sports performance training for athletes of all levels giving you the means to develop your overall athleticism as well as shape and mold you’re mine in the way you need it to be strongest for you. This is a completely free week so you should make the most of it push yourself to the next level and give yourself all the tools that you need to succeed please don’t hesitate to reach out you can give us a call or an email to get set up for your free week.


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