Progress testing is very important when it comes to sports performance training to be sure that the work you’re doing is working. You don’t wanna put a lot of energy and time into sports performance training just realized that you’re not getting the benefits that you’re wanting from the sports performance training as an athlete you should be doing athletic tests less weight lifting and more dynamic movements you’d be doing in-game for example doing things like a broad jump a vertical jump a sprint change the direction or shuttle run all drills that you might see in a combine for sports are the jobs that you should be performing to make sure your athletic abilities are being developed. Training isn’t straightforward and it’s the idea it is but you have to have the right training techniques for yourself to maximize your benefit the only way to know if you have the right training is if you test to be sure that it’s working. Don’t let your time and energy be wasted and be smart about the ways that you spend your time in your energy. A lot of people will feel better and feel this and feel that but the numbers don’t lie in the numbers will show you while you want to feel better and that is a huge portion of it making sure that you’re also increasing in your overall abilities in terms of the numbers as huge as well. Annex of athletics we do assessment training for anyone who would like for all of our athletes we offer assessment training if they are interested in knowing how they proceed over time. For some athletes this can be a distraction for athletes that are already developed or wanted to see an increase in the overall athletic potential but they might not see five or 6 inches on the vertical which would be insane you can’t use the assessments as a discouraging factor if your vertical increases by half an inch that’s a win if it increases by 5 inches that’s a huge win and you’re an anomaly don’t get caught up in the idea that everyone should have these major increases all the time when in all reality it’s about the work that you’re putting in over the long run there’s a video of Kobe talking about waking up and working early in the morning to get extra hours of work in before everybody else is worked out by him saying that he said this isn’t he didn’t say this exactly but it was implied that he was not looking at the short run but yet was looking and talking about how in five years will be so far ahead of the competition oh that’s devastating are used to feel so devastated sometimes it down and never make you but now we’re on our way to greatness. If you’re interested in sports performance training or want more information on what sports performance training is please do not hesitate to reach out to us and next level Athletics. We specialize in sports performance training at all levels for all athletes giving you the tools you need throughout sports performance training to take your game to the moon. Try your free week of sports performance training today!

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