You see this is a trick question. Because the answer to this is not straightforward and varies based on every single athlete varies on age, sport, gender, sports performance training, and everything. If someone tells you that through their sports performance training you can see this much of an increase don’t listen to be able to predict the future of what the body can do in produce and perform and to think of the standardized for everyone is ludicrous. No matter how great the sports performance training the results are always unknown. Even the best sports performance trainer might not be able to give you the increase that you’re looking for within the time. You’re looking for. For each person, it depends on the time of life on their end. Things change based on the workload you have based on your priorities and literally every detail you can think of. Knowing this you shouldn’t expect anything in terms of direct number increases you should be looking at are we increasing at a decent rate are we increasing at all or are we seeing that we’re having a decrease. When I say increase at a decent rate we need to be realistic to expect to increase your vertical 2 inches every two months forever is ridiculous to expect somebody that’s just starting a 2-inch increase in two months may be less ridiculous but again there is no set in stone value or increase you should expect. Generally though with phases of increasing with your first growth phase where you can see a lot this is usually for somebody was just begun training who hasn’t had a lot of experience training in the past or overall athletic development work or any sports performance training somebody in this category might see a little bit more of an increase than somebody who’s been in it for a minute. Knowing this when you start by maximizing the gains you could be making is essential doing training that’s gonna help you and overall improve is going to be the main determiner mixed with your dedication and motivation with the training. We could write an entire article over the dedication and your willingness to train hard to your maximal velocity and its effect on your overall growth because that’s one of the major key factors I will save that for another time. So you’re either in that growth phase or you’re in the plateau with a little bit of growth phase so you have after that growth phase a small phase where increasing as possible but at the same rate as the growth phase is unrealistic. With their sports performance training, you might still be able to see some growth but you’re not gonna see what you once did. This is typically the athlete that’s been doing sports performance training for a good amount of time now they’re still seeing some progress but the progress of old has slowed. This person was still vitally important to do sports performance training is not going to see the same growth that they might hope they do which doesn’t mean to quit the training it means to stay persistent and get whatever you can out of it. The reason that we’re trying to get everything out of it at that time is because you reach the next phase which is the hold on and keep as much as possible as an athlete usually later on in life you’re going to reach a time where your goal is to not lose the goal no longer is to gain and gain, but to not lose what you already have gained previously you go through that growth face that graft starts to level out a little bit more but you still see some increase and then it flattens out completely meaning you’re not gonna see an increase in vertical or speed but by not doing sports performance her and you could see a decrease in vertical and a decrease in speed as an athlete who spent their entire life working the last thing you wanna do is see a decrease in the number that you’ve worked so hard to increase. Those are the stages that an athlete typically goes through while increasing their overall athletic abilities through sports performance training you have heavy growth in the beginning you have moderate growth to no growth in the middle and then you have a plateau where you’re trying to hold on to all the games that you’ve made over time. So remember anybody who guarantees or anybody who tells you you’re gonna grow this much in this amount of time truly does not know they know what they’ve done with other kids in the past and they know what they might be able to do with you but again it is all a guessing game there is no proven formula that shows you can increase by this much in this amount of time or else I wouldn’t be sports performance training people would just do that formula. If you’re interested in increasing any of your athletic abilities through sports performance training feel free to contact us we would love to set you up for a Next Level Athletics to help you take your game to the next level.