How pure athleticism could be the best way to take your game to the next level.

In this article, I will go over how athleticism Malone could be the number one tool you could add to your arsenal to take your game to the next level. I want to preface this by saying skill work at your individual sport is vastly important and shouldn’t be neglected but sometimes too much focus is put on schoolwork and not enough on athleticism and physicality. I also want to preface that athleticism isn’t just merely how big your muscles are or how strong you are. Athleticism is defined by the physical qualities that are characteristics of athletes such as explosiveness speed agility power, and reaction. This means that athleticism is pretty complex because while it is about how fast you are you could be a super fast and straight-line running but terrible at the change of direction reaction which means that sports require a lot of change of direction may become difficult. On the other hand, you might be really good at the reaction but super slow and not very explosive so when it comes time to be reactive you’re too slow to get to the spot you need to get to. So knowing that athleticism is very complex and that a composition of all speed power explosiveness agility and reaction are essential means that working on all of these things is vastly important for an athlete to develop their game. When it comes to athletics do you have a very finite amount of time to develop skills and physical attributes to get yourself to the next level? For example, you have from the age you start playing sports till the end of middle school to be prepared to make your high school team do you have till the end of high school to prepare to make your college team until the end of college to make it to the pro level if you’re too late for any of those you won’t make it to the end. Knowing this means that using every minute you have is very important. Knowing that there’s a finite time means you need to know when to start working and what to start working on. The first idea is to go work just on schoolwork and while working on schoolwork isn’t bad if you neglect everything else the catch-up might be tough. You need to assess how long things take to develop and how you need to develop them. Repetitions in athleticism and skill or both very important but one thing is for certain developing physical attributes tend to take much longer than critiquing skill work. For example, if you guys spend an entire day on being explosive and doing explosive workouts at the end of the day you might just get marginally more explosive where is if you go and spend the entire day correcting your shooting form by the next day you’re already going to be a better shooter in terms of form now the next step is just more repetitions. Also, it’s sustainable to go shoot thousands of shots in a day where has to do thousands of jump squats are thousands of split squats or thousands of lunges in a day is completely unreasonable if not impossible. Knowing this is also a good thing because it allows you to piece together your workload to achieve the best outcome. Developing as an athlete and being the best athlete you can be as a puzzle you have to figure out which piece to put when putting it in where to put it. One thing is for certain though the people who master skills and the people who master athleticism all go on to achieve greatness. The people who achieve mastery and skill and athleticism become all-time greatest. That’s the magic that you see in his high-level athletes LeBron James could go today and probably start on an NFL team as a tight end. OBJ is also very sufficient in the world of soccer as well as football and can also play basketball. These guys haven’t spent thousands and thousands of hours working on other sports these guys are naturally Athletic which means the explosive the fast they’re quick they know how to maneuver their body which means they can be sufficient even up to a pro-level at other sports. Now this one out argues that some people are naturally athletic and just born with Rob Millatti‘s that others aren’t but with that, I would also argue that with work you can become extremely athletic. For some of the hope of becoming extremely athletic is a longshot for others it’s not as far out of reach as you might think through proper sports performance training in the right mindset you can become a great athlete. Not an athlete it’s just really good at the skill of the game but an athlete that’s not only going to the school of the game but also amazing at maneuvering the body extremely quick and very explosive. A lot of people choose the route of only work on the skills that are directly aligned with your sport get really good at those and you’ll be good to go. Like a basketball player if you really work on shooting and you continuously shoot did you make it to the next level and while a lot of times this could be true it takes a lot more than just one skill to push you to the point you would want to be at. So knowing that hard Sports performance training can’t be done all day every day is great news this means you can pair the hard sports performance training with specific skill work on the same day. We’re most people go and work on schoolwork all day it works become super repetitive and somewhat unsustainable by mixing sports performance training to develop athleticism with that breaks up the monotony of workouts and allows you not to just develop skill but to develop your overall portfolio in terms of athleticism and skill. So here’s why I would argue that athleticism as a whole could be the best tool for getting you to the next level. What thousands and thousands of people are out there every days working on the scale the dribbling the shooting passing the hitting you are doing the thing that the minority is doing you’re working to develop your athleticism as well as your skill giving you another piece to the puzzle that others don’t have. At the end of the day in the world of athletics, it’s you versus everyone else you have goals and aspirations and you have to do what is required of you to get there that means taking every advantage you can get so if you know that becoming a better athlete gives you a significant advantage over everyone else well then pursue that. So what are your first steps to becoming a better athlete? Well, first you need to find a sports performance training center that offers you exactly what you need. Wow-what you need does depend on what sport you play finding a sports performance training center that trans overall development will be the best for you for sports performance training center that helps increase your speed power explosiveness agility and reaction and can show you that they’re doing this. The world of sports performance training can get messy and there’s a lot of people out there that claim to know what they’re doing but can’t really show what they’re doing or the person behind the scenes has no clue what they’re doing. Being sure that who you’re going to and trust in your athletic career with is responsible as smart as educated and knows what to do to help you get to where you want to be is vastly important. So the first step finds a sports performance training center that offers what you’re looking for next you need a layout of how you want to get there through sports performance training mixed with your skill work and skill training you should be able to achieve mastery and skill and in performance. Now with everything from sports performance training to school work to anything else The biggest determiner of your success is you. So if you’re doing sports performance training if you’re working with direct skill work you need to be giving it 100%. If you’re not giving it 100% you should never expect to be successful because at the end of the day you are in control of your future. So now the steps are simple to develop your skill develop your athleticism realize that both are important and both can get you to the next level find a sports performance training center and if you don’t know of a sports performance training center Contact us coaches in your area close family friends that are deep in the sports world and find one that works for you. Realize that your future is the most important thing to find someone that can actually help you get there has a plan to help you get there and doesn’t just act like they can help you get there.