I saw a quote this morning about rivers carving through rocks and the idea behind it being persistence wins and i started thinking in terms of sports performance training.

I want to talk about this in regards to sports training and how accurate this is. Typically there are two types of athletes one who trains thoroughly consistently and as much as possible. And the other nutrients in consistently somewhat often but not all the time. There’s also one more trans very consistently for a short period of time sees the gains that they’re looking to see and then steps off the pedal and think that they don’t need it anymore. These are the athletes that I wanna talk about in this article. Time and time again I have athletes come to me to make significant progress on their overall athletic abilities and then they think they’ve made it so they step off the gas and they’re good to go. This takes persistence off of the table this means that the increase that we’ve seen while being in a short period of time could be exponentially more with persistency sports training isn’t a one and done sports training is a continuous process for all athletes who want to continue to develop and maintain their game. Not being persistent with sports performance training and consistent training could be the determinant to your career just as shooting dribbling passing our skills to be acquired into developing better and better sports training is the same by using sports training you should be doing it better and better and more efficiently. All too often sports performance training is looked at as an add-on rather than the main source main sources being the exact skills pertaining to the game and the add-ons being temporary things that are going to make it or break it. Sports training should be looked at as something to be persistent on something to continuously develop to continuously train in order to achieve mastery which with most things is all but impossible to be achieved. Pay attention to the way sports training is used for pro athletes. Pro athletes continuously use sports performance training up until the end of their careers. Never to be overlooked because sports training is important for all athlete development. If you’re interested in sports performance training I want more information on sports training please don’t hesitate to contact us we offer us free sports performance training sessions for all new members. If you are interested in sports performance training or wondering what sports training is please don’t hesitate to reach out. We offer a FREE week of training to anyone interested in getting started.


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