I’m going to use a direct story that I received from some of my clientele. I had an athlete Who has grown a significant amount in the last year something like 8 inches. This athlete is starting to have issues with Osgood-Schlatter well this is somewhat normal and happens pretty often to athletes that grow at a rapid rate especially athletes to play basketball. The goal obviously is to minimize the pain as much as possible not accentuate the issues and get the athlete so they can have strong longevity and a healthy career. I want to use this article as a way to take what I’ve gotten in my sports performance training sessions from athletes and parents to show you the good and bad ways to deal with issues like this. And this performance training circumstance the parents handle this exception. The parents talk to the coach about minimizing minutes not taking on his heavy workload so that way he can still get reps in but take away some of the issues from the Osgood-Schlatter. The coach had another idea in mind and didn’t lessen any of the minutes. Because of this, the parents made the decision that the athlete will not take part in competitive basketball summer. Obviously, this is a hard decision on it becomes a matter of athlete health have to make tough decisions that help accentuate your career in the long run. In the article following this, I’ll talk about athletes who didn’t handle this quite as well and might be making decisions that could hurt them in the future and not help them. This athlete now is decided to work through sports performance training over the summer to help develop overall abilities in terms of physicality and athleticism while taking it easy on the pounding on the knees to help lessen the pain and the irritation of Osgood-Schlatter and help improve his overall capabilities in performance training. Sports performance training can be great for this performance training can also accentuate some of the issues that we have if not done properly it’s very important that the performance training facility you go to knows how to handle athletes with these issues and handles them accordingly. If you have an athlete that struggles from this and it’s noticeably from Osgood-Schlatter even plantar fasciitis if your sports training facility does not know how to accommodate these things in a positive way where you can still grow as an athlete and grow your abilities I need to look for somewhere else. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of trainers out there that have no clue how to deal with these things but since I have no clue how to deal with these things they end up just slapping a Band-Aid on it hoping that it gets better and be okay. Performance training should be seen like you would look into a doctor if you had a Doctor Who didn’t know the illness that you had going into it you wouldn’t trust them. Make smart decisions when it comes to sports performance training make decisions that are going to help you or your athlete develop to a high degree and make sure your performance training facility is qualified and knows what they’re doing. As always we offer sports performance training at our facility, Next Level Athletics. If you’re interested we always offer a free class; don’t hesitate to reach out to get set up to come to get the highest and best sports performance training in Tulsa.


Osgood- Shclatter

Osgood-Schlatter and Patellar Tendonitis