The sports performance training article is going to be covering the topic of nutrition and a simple form to give athletes direction as a navigate sports and sports performance training. Very simply the first part of this article will be about macronutrients- carbs, fats, and proteins. Will detail exactly what carbs fats and proteins do to help your body and how they can enhance your game and your sports performance training. Simply put: protein is your body’s building block. By eating protein you’re giving your body the nutrients it needs to develop muscle strength and overall power to see the improvements that you’re looking to get in your sport or performance training. Carbs give your body fuel your body uses different energy sources depending on the direction of exercise and how taxing that exercises use an energy source got a TP for Quick burst of explosive energy but after that use carbohydrates to fuel the body to give your body energy to be able to perform whether it’s in sports or performance training. Lastly, fats, fats regulate your body‘s hormones which is very important for an athlete’s overall health and well-being. Your body has hormones that directly affect your overall feel functionality and wellness. So those are your main macronutrients the micronutrients that are smaller which are like your vitamins and minerals that serve their purpose as well but for this article, we’re just gonna focus on the macronutrients. As an athlete especially an athlete Who also participates in sports performance training making sure your nutrition is on point is essential. An athlete can’t just follow a simple diet plan that a normal adult can run. You must focus on the needs of yourself and exactly what your workload is whether it’s just sports or performance training. As an athlete to make sure that you’re maximizing your overall workload and performance training or weightlifting or anything that you’re doing you must get a good amount of protein so your body has the building blocks and needs to develop more and get stronger. Do you also need to be sure that you’re getting an adequate amount of carbohydrates to ensure that you have enough energy output to sustain workouts and exercise their sports training making sure that you are not neglecting carbs or protein is essential? On top of that fats Regulate your hormones and you must be getting enough fats to make sure that your hormones are on a scale so that way you don’t have any issues with your overall body health and well-being.