Although this article is going to directly be about sports performance training, the principle applies to most things if not everything. To become a master is pretty simple; you have to eat, sleep, and breathe whatever it is that you want to become a master of. And this is exactly true when it comes to sports performance training you must eat, sleep, and breathe building your knowledge and building your experience in the field. Knowledge and experience for sports performance training are vastly different; knowledge being the things that you research and that you discover building up what you know about the subject, experience not being that but ours in which you were actually facilitating sports training. I am in my fourth year now as a sports performance trainer which I know it’s not forever but it sure has felt like it. I can tell you from first-hand experience but the knowledge that I have right now about sports performance training and the knowledge that I had at the beginning or vastly different. I was actually talking to someone about this morning I have a workout library of all the workouts that I have ever performed and I’ve gone back recently to look at using some of the first original workouts that I used to see how competent they are. Needless to say, they were not very competent although these work out worked when I first started and I did a lot for the athletes that I worked with them in comparison to what I know now it’s not even remotely close. The knowledge and the workouts that I put together were subpar in comparison to what I do today. This is just what happens in the pursuit of mastery. I have chosen to master sports performance training I’ve also chosen in the master business all though those go hand-in-hand for me because my business is sports performance training it takes hours and hours of working on both in order to improve my capabilities. Well, my abilities are vastly improving I still know that I don’t know as much as I need to and then the pursuit of more and more knowledge will never end it will just keep growing more and more. So what I know now about sports training is going to be different in a year two years and 10 years but I know now about business is going to be different as well. Even though it’s only been a matter of years my knowledge now versus my knowledge when I started is incredibly different. Sports performance training is an art and it’s not easily mastered it takes time it takes energy so being sure that your sports training facility takes that time the energy and the effort to do that is important. Not getting overwhelmed with the number of certifications that someone has really testing the knowledge that they have and knowing that those are completely different things is very important. If you’re looking for A high-quality sports performance training facility please reach out we would love to connect you with some of our team members even if you’re in another state would love to find areas around you that could benefit you in a positive way. At the end of the day for all sports performance training facilities the goal should be the athlete and what they can do to accelerate that athlete’s career. Try a free class!!


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