Any good Sports Performance Training facility should naturally incorporate injury prevention into all of its training. Being sure that your sports performance training facility does this is crucial. At Next Level Athletics we are sure that all of our training also goes hand-in-hand with injury prevention just as much as we’re working on developing overall athleticism. The fact of the matter is if you’re injured you won’t become a better athlete and if you’re injured your chances of scholarship and your chances of excelling in your career are lessened. Obviously, this doesn’t mean that injury is the end I’ll be all but it should be something that is focused on especially if you’re already active in sports performance training. I Next Level Athletics we take this very seriously we wanna be sure that all of our athletes are strong or healthy or maximizing their potential this means doing the right training as well as keeping away from injury. In this article, I want to talk about not only how sports performance training can help him prevent injury but also the reasons that injuries occur and exercising things you could do on a daily basis to help prevent those. ACL Injuries in athletes is very common to see them all the time as well as any knee injury torn meniscus patella tenonitis and things of that nature well all of them have their own little way to prevent injury preventing any major knee injury such as ACL or MCL tears or strands you can come back that was sports performance training. The main reasons that we see the injuries are when the center of mass becomes off-balance outweighs and another angle puts the knee in a compromising position and then we see an entry. Where is to prevent this through sports performance training number one in one of the most simple as core strength by keeping a strong core the likelihood of your upper body becoming off-balance in a different direction than your lower is less. So very simple your training should incorporate core work by doing abs and by working on muscle group your significantly decreasing your chance of injury and greatly increasing your athletic potential. Another way we can use sports performance training to prevent injury is my training or external rotators in our hips like our glutes piriformis and a bunch of little muscles in your hips by strengthening used to external rotations and exercises such as fire hydrants or even glutes through hip thrust resistant side steps and really any other exercise that works on externally rotating the legs engaging the glutes the strengthening all of your external rotators. Strengthening your External rotators through sports performance training decrease the likelihood of your knee collapsing inward while your upper body shifts outward thus creating a knee injury. As much as the flashy sports performance training of the crazy explosiveness crazy sprinting unique crazy drills is cool and to some extent serves its purpose (outside of the crazy flashy stuff for luxe) there’s a significant place for the less fun and less stimulating fire hydrant resistant side steps or exercises that don’t seem quite as extreme but service significant purpose. By neglecting these areas while in sports performance training or outside of sports performance training you’re increasing your susceptibility to injury and preventing your overall maximal athletic growth. Well obviously this is a pretty brief overview of injury prevention and we’re just talking about knee injury prevention but with ACL tears on the rise and sports training being a widely available thing we feel it next to Voth Lenix it’s worth you to know about. If you have any other questions or interest in how your kid can go about injury prevention either on their own or in a gym please contact us a Next Level Athletics would love to help find a training center that works for you and if you need help finding one that’s close to you that works well that has reputable sources please contact us.


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