Can you look at studies of the people that end up playing professional sports the percentages are always very low and then the sports performance training article we’re gonna talk about why this percentage is slow and why that it’s cracked and it’s so low. Obvious? y there’s a limited number of spots to be filled in professional athletics if you’re flying football and you’re on a 52 man roster playing basketball teams only holding 15 guys whatever it may be there’s a limited number of spots available for you to sit at the table. So what does this mean? Well if you’re not late and you want to make it to this extremely high level and you know that only X percent of players go on to play at the professional level. Whether it be one percent 10% 7% you have to then ask yourself if in skills and abilities are you amongst that percentage I would say 90% of the time answer that question is no you’re not among the 1% in terms of your skills and abilities because there’s always somebody somewhere that’s better than you are for the rare few this is true but regardless you have to realize that even the top 1% is still working so if you’re in the top 40% and you’re in the 38th percentile and you’re putting in the same amount of work as a person in the 5th percentile who’s gonna end up playing professionally? Exactly, it’s going to be the person that’s working the same as you in the 5th percentile. The reason that you see athletes developing to extremely high levels it’s because they outwork everyone else. Not because of genetics not because of circumstance but because of work. Well yes, a slight amount of this could go to genetics or to work I’m not gonna give you the luxury of using that as an excuse to not work as hard. You can be in the 80th percentile and because of your work and because of your dedication you could make it to the top 10% even top five even top one you just have to be willing to work harder than all of the rest. So why is it such a small percentage that makes it? Was because there’s a limited number of seats at the table and nine times out of 10 the guy on the other side is willing to work harder than you are. There is no sacrifice for hard work it is the number one thing that is going to push you over the edge make you everything you want to be in your athletic career. Thank you for reading the sports performance training article in Next Level Athletics we specialize in sports performance training if you don’t know what sports performance training is please do not hesitate to reach out we specialize in sports performance training and we can give you all the tools you need to maximize your sports performance training and take your game to the next level we offer a free week of sports performance training classes for anyone interested so do not hesitate to get connected reach out today and try one of our sports performance training classes.

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