We posted on our social media yesterday talking about how the way we formed habits today will determine what our future is. This is what we mean by that if you form the habits today working out consistently practicing your sport putting in extra hours of work then those habits are going to drift over and create something amazing in your future. Where is the flipside to that if we do not create habits now and we wait till later in life to create habits we might run into issues where they have is never get created? Even outside of sports take someone who grew up working out all the time grew up in sports grew up physically fit the likelihood that for that person to continue to stay fit even later in life is much higher than that of somebody who has never exercised who has never been fit who has never played sports because there is an already a habit developed. If we take it out of that context and we go into the sporting world then have us that you create as an individual today for your sport will be things that become easy later on so whenever you move to the next level and people are complaining about the number of workouts that they have to do with the habits you’ve created if they’re to do more intense workouts more often then you’re used to it and you’re complaining because you’re ready same with skill development same with gameplay. Literally in all aspects of the game if we can create habits that are healthy our productivity or likelihood of success is only going to go up. Form great habits today. Figure out what habits are going to be your go-to and the most important for you. And start making them happen. You’re just a few habits away from reaching the success you want to reach! If you’re interested in starting to work on these habits through sports performance training or you just don’t know where to start next Voth Lenix can have the answer for you were sports performance training center located in Tulsa Oklahoma that focuses on developing athletes’ overall abilities through our small group training. Don’t miss your opportunity we offer a free week of training to anyone interested in sports performance training. We have high-level coaches with one goal to get you to your goals so please do not hesitate to come in to try sports performance training today.


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