How can you use sports performance training to build up your confidence? The answer to this question is actually that you can use anything to build up your confidence as long as you know how to use it. When it comes to sports performance training, performing exercises designed to help you increase your overall athletic abilities so not only will the increases in your athletic abilities possibly increase your confidence but you can also use your thought process through workouts, through warm-ups, or through the way you carry yourself to influence your confidence. One simple way to do this is just by changing our physiology. The way we stand, the way we carry ourselves if our head is down raise our head up or we slouched over or are we standing tall, what areas are we using of our physiology to help us increase our confidence? If you can maximize that you will begin to see an increase in your overall confidence just by the way that you carry yourself. When it comes to things like warm-ups be the one who leads warm-ups be the one who moves are the one who goes be the one who is others look to for what to do next and how to do it, especially if you’ve been working at a facility for long enough that you know the warm-ups and you have them memorized you can then take that experience and apply that to building confidence by holding yourself accountable and making yourself step up and demonstrate when need be. Lastly comes from doing the exercises if you can do the exercises with the utmost seriousness and tear yourself in a way that demonstrates the seriousness you can then begin to see improvement in your overall confidence. By doing the exercises and not worrying about what other people are doing, not worrying about what people might think of how you were doing the exercise but only thinking and worrying about what you’re doing and how you can maximize, it will be very helpful. The next thing you can do through classes is to communicate with other athletes. By communicating with other athletes by talking by opening up you will begin to gain confidence around those around you. If you can build up confidence with those around you you will then be more confident in situations. If you are on a team of any kind and you’re very comfortable and confident with all individuals on that team that confidence will bleed over into gameplay and practice and then to situations where you might be seen by college coaches or above. So if you’re looking for a space to do sports performance training and work on your confidence Next Level Athletics is the place for you. We specialize in sports performance training at all levels by giving you the tools that you need to maximize your overall abilities and take your game to the next level. Don’t get caught slacking! Figure out what works for you and push yourself through sports performance training today!