Sports performance training and all of the individual aspects of training within that are not mutually exclusive. Meaning that working on explosiveness working on speed and working on change of direction all go hand-in-hand with each other. With sports performance training the breakdown is somewhat simple when it comes to explosiveness acceleration change of direction well they all go together. The main contributor to these things is your overall force production meaning how much can you push and how quickly can you push it. With acceleration and sports performance training, we start at 0 miles an hour, and through pushing into the ground as hard as possible and as fast as possible we reach peak acceleration. Meaning the only way to increase our acceleration is to increase our overall force production force being weight times acceleration. So we sports performance training acceleration we go from zero to as fast as a possible change of direction we get to zero within the change of direction and we have to get going as quickly as possible the only caveat and big difference is the deceleration it takes to change direction and not cause injury. If you only know how to produce the maximum amount of force but don’t know how to properly decelerate to maximize that proper force when changing the direction you’re going to run into issues and quite possibly severe injuries. When it comes to a vertical you’re going from zero exploding up as high as possible create a maximal force. The only caveat to this is also the deceleration that goes into a movement jump. So these just being a few pillars that we’re talking about giving you an idea of the lack of complexity and the thought process behind sports training. This isn’t to say that it’s extremely difficult to increase that force production to get proper deceleration and to give an athlete exactly what they need to maximize his abilities. This is only to say that you don’t need to be doing 1 million different things for 1 million different attributes you’re wanting to gain meaning when working on vertical explosiveness you are thus interning helping your lateral and linear explosiveness as well. Back to the mutually exclusive idea by working on one of your interns helping the others. If you are interested in sports performance training I want more info on what sports performance training is and what it could do for you please do not hesitate to reach out we offer a free week of sports performance training to anyone interested will also get free advice if contacted.


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