Sports Performance Training Class

SPT Class

Building Your Expectations with sports performance training. As an athlete you have goals and ambitions that you hope to achieve these goals and ambitions is almost expectations at some point by yourself and by those around you. Building proper expectations to ensure that you’re doing what you need to get to those expectations is essential. Whether it’s through skill training to work on your team or do sports training everything you do builds on whether or not you achieve those expectations. In this scenario I’m talking about expectations in terms of college and professional athletics as a Middle Schooler in high school you’re going to decide that you want to participate in athletics at the college level and might even have the ambition to play at the pro level. Well, I applaud these ambitions and want to do everything in my power to sports training and mentorship to get you there you must be sure that your actions match your expectations. If you are an athlete who wants to play at the division one college level or pro level you are going to need to do more and work harder than the athlete that wants to play at Division III or a higher level. Knowing this and replicating your workload based on this is essential. I have athletes all the time who want to play division one Sports or professional sports and the truth of the matter is their actions do not match what they want. They struggle to make all the workouts they don’t eat and treat their body the way that they need they don’t get rest and recovery yet they still expect to play at this extremely high level. When it comes to sports performance training athletes need to make sure that they’re getting the amount of work that they need to reach their goals if you need to enhance your sports performance training to perform better and games you better be doing that all the time. Same with skill training and every other form of work that you need to put in for your athletic career. When it comes to sports performance training we must get the training in every opportunity we can sport training unlike skill training has a very clear-cut work capacity daily for each athlete. Meaning that you have a workload that you can reach with sports performance training and exceeding that workload could just result in injury or not developing how you want. This means that every time you get the opportunity for sports performance training and you’re not overworking you should take it. There is no room for laziness and sports training especially when you want to get to this high level. So I can ask that you need to make sure that your goals and your expectations are in line with your actions and if they’re not you need to reevaluate to make sure that we align those goals and expectations with what we’re doing in skill training or actual sport and sports performance training. If you’re interested in trying a sports training class please don’t hesitate to reach out we offer a free week of sports performance training to anyone who is interested please do not hesitate to get involved in sports performance training today.