Sports Performance Training Class

SPT Class

Sports performance training is based on improving individual abilities in different areas of athletic performance. For sports performance training Next Level Athletics we typically focus on all of these parts of sports performance training making sure that all of them are developed to create the best all-around athlete possible. We believe that if you are not performing all of these types of sports performance training benefits you’re not gonna be maximizing what you can get out of your training.


Speed is a critical part of sports performance training. Whether that be linearly speedrunning a straight line as fast as possible the lateral speed or whether it be a speer that plays into the other attributes we will talk about later. We make sure it next so I thought extra sports performance training that we are working speed regularly to maximize our overall potential if we can move faster and let that speed translated to explosiveness which means accelerating faster and jump higher and we’ve mastered the art and we’re going to destroy the competition.


Explosiveness tying directly in the speed is going to be the right they were producing force if we can increase the rate or producing force or our rate of force production we’re going to see a direct increase and our overall ability to produce speed at a high and fast level as well as increasing or overall vertical awesomeness up by being a more explosive athlete your toolbelt just got extended with even more ways to showcase your athleticism and dominate the game.


Power going hand-in-hand with explosiveness is the amount of force that you can produce but not the rate I wish you produce the force. We look at the power we look at how much force can we produce into the floor if you take that power and apply explosiveness then we are looking at an overall rate of force production with maximal force and power which is ideal when it comes to jumping in sprinting to maximize our abilities in those two graphs.


A Jody and reaction go hand-in-hand when it comes to sports performance training both meaning almost the same thing how quickly you’re reacting to different stimuli. So how quickly are we reacting from teammates to opponents to anybody who might be challenging us to move quicker and faster? The quicker that we can react using our explosiveness in our speed the quicker we can dominate get around or contain the opposing team.

Balance and core

Balance and core strength or two vitally important pieces to sports performance training if you were explosive and you have speed and you have power but you like core strength and balance our risk of injury increases drastically and will find limitations in our game that we might not have otherwise. Being two of the more monotonous less fun areas to train to make yourself do it is very important to make sure you’re maximizing your overall gains.

Make sure that you’re hitting all of these components of sports performance training while they’re still smaller ones inside of this these being major factors in your overall athletic development and your potential as an athlete. If you’re interested in sports training and want more information on what sports performance training is please do not hesitate to reach out and ask about level athletics we offer a free week of training to anyone interested in trying.