In this article, we are talking about balance/proprioception and how it relates to sports performance training. The main grasp of shorts performance training is to increase your overall athletic abilities like speed explosiveness acceleration vertical power or change of direction reaction balance is a key factor that can help you accelerate your overall abilities through balance or proprioception training. 

Proprioception is quite simply knowing where your body is in space so while and I still position knowing where your body is which is the same thing as balance training so when it comes to both balance and proprioception training we’re talking about your body control and it still manner or in a movement-based manner. What sports performance training we focus on balance often to make sure athletes have peak balance and control to be able to maximize their overall explosiveness speed agility etc. if an athlete can maintain proper balance in control of the body throughout movements they are going to be much better at performing those movements. What is the balance comes through proprioception of the lower leg or through core strength and overall strength of the body to control and manipulate the movements that they’re wanting to see? For sports performance training an athlete must make sure the balances up to people level to make sure that overall performance is a big level whether this is a simple standing balance exercise looking side to side or more complex like using an unstable surface like a Bosu ball or a yoga ball balance is key for all athletes. Not only is it a key for accelerating your overall athletic abilities but it also is key for injury prevention. By doing proprioception or balance training with lower limbs you can reduce injury by a significant amount. It was a study that was done and athletes who did proprioception training with their lower limbs decreased ankle sprains by 80% in NBA athletes. If they’re doing this at an insanely high level like in the NBA and there’s no reason you shouldn’t be doing it daily as well be sure that your balance training is on point to maximize her overall athletic abilities And take your game to the next level. If you’re interested in trying out some sports the phone training classes or have questions on what balance exercises would be good for you to start implementing into your workout regimen please do not hesitate to reach out at next of like Lenix we specialize in athletes overall development I would love to help you on your journey as well if you’re ever interested in free training please do not hesitate to ask we offer a free week of training for anyone interested in developing their overall athleticism want to come sports performance training next level athletics knows best.


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