There’s a big difference between sports performance training and skill training while both are vitally important to a strong and healthy athletic career the ways in which these are done and the people who facilitate these are very important. Real simply sports performance training is training design for overall muscle building endurance and athletic capability work. Do you work on vertical speed acceleration reaction agility? Skill work is working on the actual skill that goes along with the game so if you’re a football player depending on your position working on the skills that are applied for your position. If you’re a basketball player that’s working on the skills directly related to basketball like dribbling pass and shooting and so on for the rest of the sports. At Next Level Athletics we believe that there should be a difference in a separation in the two that your skill trainer should not also be a sports performance trainer and vice versa. Now there could be a few exceptions to the rules and they might be very intelligent people out there that can do both but typically it takes hours and hours of practice to mass or something and when I say hours, it takes 10,000 hours to achieve the mastery level of something. typically there’s just not enough time in the day to master bath School Training and sports performance training to the highest degree. This is why you see people in different areas focusing on specific things. For example a Next Level Athletics we focus on sports performance training sites and we don’t touch the skill development side for the sport itself. At a facility like Score basketball, you focus only on skill development and not on sports performance training at all. But this doesn’t mean that either coach on either side doesn’t know anything about sports training or skill training, it just means that they’re smart enough to hone in and focus on one. The poison becomes and you start to focus on both sports performance training and on skill development for a business. As a coach, you might have to do this sometime because you might not have the resources to do otherwise but as a business owner or somebody who’s going to get training from somebody who’s not just their coach you need to be sure that they take whatever they do seriously minivan hone in on one craft. The exception to this rule is partnering with other people that work on skill development to work on buzzwords performance rainy and skill development. At Next Level Athletics we partner with T918 football academy which is a soccer development company. We run the sports performance training and T918 runs the soccer development. Finding a good balance with this is key in making sure as a parent or as an athlete you’re aware of the level of your trainer is very key. If you’re interested in sports performance training please don’t hesitate to reach out we offer a free session to anyone that’s interested.