This sports performance training article will talk about questions and things you can do to be sure that your sports performance trainer isn’t the best sports performance trainer for you or your kid. The first stage is observation as with most sports performance training facilities they allow you to come in and try for free to see what you think about the facility to get you in and see if you truly enjoy it and want to buy. This training session is the most important but also is one that you need to be wary of obvious on your first try they’re gonna try to impress they’re gonna try to show you how great they are how amazing they do with your kids to be wary when it comes to the personality the fun and the excitement that comes along with the first time training. Be mindful and watch of the work out the exercises be sure that that workout in those exercises you think are effective in any that you might question or effectiveness on asking questions as a trainer I can tell you I have to be ready at all times answer all questions of why we do it how we do it and the reason that we’re doing everything that we are every workout should be set up with a certain level of detail that makes every exercise purposeful that makes the order purposeful the system purposeful and if that is not purposeful then why are you there. It’s your responsibility to make sure to the best of your knowledge the training is working in the training is safe. Ask questions! Even if it’s about every exercise even if it’s about things that they should be doing at home even if it’s about the total overall workload ask questions. Why are we doing this exercise? How many days a week should we be training? How much increase should I see for my kid’s abilities? What makes you different from the rest? Do you have certifications? What experience do you have athletically or training kids? The answer to these questions will obviously vary but you wanna make sure that they make sense of the person has certifications that the person has prior knowledge to what they’re doing well not getting bogged down by the idea of all I played collegiate athletics I was a professional athlete because at the end of the day that doesn’t mean much. If you have a trainer telling you you should see a crazy increase you should see this much of an increase don’t listen realize that it changes person bye person how much training they’ve done versus the lack of training how to prepare their body is how much nutritional focus they put on themselves everything goes in a play so to say that somebody should see this amount of improvement is just ludicrous. Watch the training be sure that kids are doing exercises properly that they have the attention that you want them to have that their focused stand that they’re having fun that they’re enjoying themselves the most important thing you can do as a parent asks questions don’t be obnoxious don’t act like you know what you’re doing but see if it seems like the trainer knows what they’re doing ask him about injuries ask him about protocol if somebody’s feeling a little bit injured if your kid has injuries see what they do to adapt see if the exercise that they or doing or actually working in accommodating to your kid or if they’re not at all and it seems like they have no clue what they’re doing. Remember ask questions about sports performance training is not something to take lightly because sports performance training is designed to help you I have to get maximal results to extend their athlete longevity. Take your sports performance training seriously take your sports performance trainer seriously, figure out what’s best for your kid, and if you’re in the need of sports performance training and you want to do another trusted location that does have experience credibility and knows what they’re doing and put the effort in to figure out what’s gonna be best for the athlete please reach out to next level athletics would be happy to help you with any sports performance training you might need. Keep developing as an athlete as a parent keep helping your kid develop a sports performance and he fits into that don’t neglect it.


Sports performance training

Athletic skills for speed, power, explosiveness, and agility.