In this sports performance training article I’m going to be talking about benchmark exercises that are used on a regular basis for sports performance training. Now obviously when it comes to sports performance training the goal is to work every muscle group in some way build strength and build overall performance. While building overall performance for sports a lot of that comes to the legs, so there are many leg base exercises that are performed. Obviously, this doesn’t come with neglect in the arms but when it comes to running faster jumping higher being more agile all of those typically pertain to lower body movements. So with sports performance training and the exercises that are some of my benchmark exercises, I break up into more muscle groups and muscle functions than anything for my sports performance training I focus on key muscle groups that I think are extremely beneficial all of which are very common but the ways in which we work them might be different than others. I want to start off with sometimes and overlook muscle group which is vastly important for overall performance the glutes your butt muscles when it comes to sports performance training if you aren’t doing exercises that involve working and strengthen your glutes then you need to find a new sports performance trainer. Some of my favorite exercises, outside of the basics like hip thrusts, are a bunch of resistance band exercises that work on external rotation like a wall sit with the resistance man above the knee with a leg flutter although the wall sit is working your quads that like a flutter with resistance will work your external rotators in your hips. Another one of my favorite exercises for explosiveness in the glutes is a single-leg hip thrust hop, where shoulders are elevated on a box and hips thrust and explode towards the ceiling. Glute-focused kettlebell swings, where all the motion comes to the hips the butt poking backward in the hips driving through squeezing your butt as hard as you can. The next exercise that I want to talk about a quad exercises although there are 1 billion quad exercises in anything really jumping lunges things like that I’ll work the quads some of my favorites for sports performance training on the lower impact and our Spanish squats terminal knee extensions and a bunch of other various exercises that don’t involve a lot of ground contact that we will protect the knees. Now, this is not me and these are the main exercises we choose in this I’m just talking about some that I particularly enjoy because of specific reasons like the glutes being more neglected working a little bit of explosive glue work in the terminal knee extension in the Spanish squat working with low impact exercises for the athletes that might get irritated by jumping and large explosive movements with hard landings. For the hamstrings and sports performance training, I like carpet slider hamstring curls and a resistance band with a hip press through with the drive in the back of the heel. This is great for developing overall hamstrings and is great for sports performance and particularly drills that I really enjoy while doing sports performance training. As far as the calves go I really enjoy functional calf raises I also enjoy explosive calf raises with your toes elevated on a plate. And one muscle group that I really like to work but I think it’s often neglected is your anterior tibialis (muscle in the front of your shin). By strengthening your overall ankles, calves, and shins you can see an improvement in your sports performance. These are some of my favorite exercises for sports performance training if you’re interested in sports performance training please don’t hesitate to reach out we offer classes all days of the week for all levels and all skills working on overall athletic development and working on the craft of your game.