Speed training part two

Differentiating top speed from acceleration speed. While speed training is vastly important the way that you do speed training is also vastly important what are the purpose is for max acceleration speed or Max TopSpeed this changes your sports performance training Andro speed training. Acceleration speed meaning how quickly you can go from nothing to TopSpeed the acceleration portion of a sprint while TopSpeed being once you’ve accelerated how do you reach TopSpeed and increase top speed through your speed training. Acceleration training what will go into detail on another blog is merely how hard and how laterally are you pushing into the ground to get up to speed and Laymans terms. Well, TopSpeed is how can you increase the speed of your leg cycle increase your gain ground contacts while keeping stride length long to maintain a faster pace and achieve a faster pace. Again we will go over both of these in detail on another blog but for now, we’re just differentiating the two through speed training.
Both acceleration speed and TopSpeed are vitally important and require speed training to improve. By maximizing both of these you’ll see an increase in overall running abilities and obviously an overall speed. By using speed training through sports performance training as we do at Next Level Athletics you’ll be able to increase your acceleration as well as increase your TopSpeed thus making you superior to other athletes when it comes to overall speed acceleration plus top speed. If you’re interested you can try a free class with us and next level athletics to work on speed training through our sports performance training we offer a free class to try it out so we can show you the difference we can make in your athletic abilities through speed training and sports performance training.