Today I’m discussing one of my favorite topics and breaking down everything you need to know about diet. The word diet gets a really bad rap because diet typically means excluding food groups right? Like when you’re on a diet, you’re eating low-carb, or no sugar, or maybe you’ve cut out your evening glass of wine. You’re cutting out things you typically eat every single day. And those things that you are cutting out typically are bad for you. So with that being said, we know the foods that are good for us and the foods that are not so good for us. But it goes even deeper than that, which in my opinion, food should be easy. Food really should be used as fuel for the body, not only to energize it but for the body to function. The nutrients we receive from the food that grows in the ground are so necessary for every single person every single day. So what does that mean when it comes to your diet? It means that the foods you eat should be whole, organic, good for you. Right? Meaning that highly processed are bad for the body because it takes the body a while to process those foods as well, and most processed foods are loaded with added sugars and processed chemicals, and GMO‘s. All of the things that naturally, our body was not built to digest. That’s why you see over time people will begin to have reactions to gluten and dairy. Their body stops being able to digest it properly, so then they have a reaction and they become allergic to it when really we’re all allergic from the beginning. We build a tolerance over time until our bodies become intolerant to that thing if they do. So now let’s talk about diet culture. There are so many ways to find information online. Whether that be searching Google, looking on Instagram, or reading blogs, there are always people talking about food and talking about diet and talking about what you should and shouldn’t be eating. I think the Internet can be a great tool, but I also think that it’s important to know where you’re getting your information from. One of my least favorite topics of discussion when it comes to eating food is you can’t eat after 10 PM. That is simply not true. Why? Because our bodies were not designed to have a window of time where eating calories matters. That happens over a 24 hour period. So for example, I eat 1200 cal in a day. Does that number affect my body differently if I eat those calories within six hours versus 12 hours? No. The calorie amount does not affect my body. What does is your activity level, your group fitness classes at Next Level, stress level, and sleep. So if your goal is to lose weight, all that matters is calorie consumption. With that being said still finding foods that give nutrients to the body like vitamins and minerals are so important. Plus you’ll be able to eat way more and feel full if you eat more vegetables in your diet. You could eat an entire plate of chicken and veggies and rice and probably still eat less than a McDonald’s hamburger. But you’re probably going to feel fuller, your body is going to process those calories differently and provide you with longer-lasting energy. So the food matters because your body reacts to those foods differently. When you come to a group fitness class, you’ll be expected to expend some energy in order to burn calories and make it through a group fitness class. Why does the food you eat during the day matter for one of our group fitness classes? If you eat a lot of garbage during the day, you’re loaded with fats and processed foods, and typically those burn through the body extremely quick. If you ate whole foods like sweet potatoes, brown rice and fish, even yogurt and granola, those carbs fuel your body differently and you will be energized throughout the entire group fitness class. Your muscles will thank you later! If you’re interested in our group fitness classes or want more information on what our group fitness classes consist of please don’t hesitate to reach out we offer a free week of group fitness classes to anyone who’s interested. Group fitness can be the number one way to help you get on track for a healthier life through group fitness and nutrition you can see yourself taking huge steps towards a healthier lifestyle.

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