At Next Level Athletics, we believe that the key to a happy and healthy lifestyle is taking charge of your health and well-being. That also means taking care of your body with exercise and food. Our group fitness classes are beneficial for every single person, no matter what your fitness journey looks like so far. Our primary goal is to help each person find their place and find what works for them while teaching and helping each person to be the healthiest they can be. A big factor in overall health and well-being is what we do for work. A lot of us are sedentary which means that our job requires us to sit a lot. Plus the 6 to 8 hours we sleep, that can equal 17+ hours of sitting or lying. Being sedentary for too long can cause a lot of health issues, much more than we would think. From poor posture and circulation to heart disease, there are many reasons why movement is so important for our bodies to function. Let’s start with posture. When you sit for long periods of time your shoulders begin to weaken which means you become slouched. The muscles weaken and roll forward which is why a lot of people slouch. This can also affect your spine, causing wear and tear of the discs and joints. It is important to practice good posture, even if that means standing while working or finding a chair that forces good posture. Your legs and back weekend as well. Along your back and legs, there are your postural muscles, which help maintain posture. Those muscles begin to lose firing power and the ability to engage. Focusing on engaging those muscles that keep good posture can help to keep those muscles strong. Being sedentary, whether it be work lifestyle, also it’s our heart at risk. When being sedentary there is an increase in triglycerides, which is a component of cholesterol that raises the risk of heart attack and stroke. With our group fitness classes, we really focus on strengthening all of those muscles, so when you are seated throughout the day it is easier to maintain good posture. Our group fitness classes also put a big focus on core strength, which can also help with good posture. Like I said at the beginning we believe the key to a healthy and happy lifestyle is taking charge of your health and that means taking care of your body. Our group fitness classes teach the importance of nutrition, but also teach the importance of moving your body to keep the body healthy. There are many ways to exercise, and our group fitness classes hit all of those. Our group classes build strength, build cardio which can keep your heart healthy, and help you focus on a healthy lifestyle. If you would like to try one of our group fitness classes, your first seven days are free. We would love to have you in our group fitness classes, and we would love to help you create a healthy lifestyle that works for you.

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