Whether it’s with life with sports or with anything surrounding yourself with the right people could be incremental steps to your success. When these people are highly influential, whether these people are mentors, peers, or whomever they may be, having the right people around you to be sure that not only you’re held accountable but you carry yourself to the highest level and get pushed your highest level is huge. We believe this when it comes to sports performance training our goal is to give athletes the tools to take the game to the next level do I sports performance training you can see improvement in overall athleticism and through our sports performance training staff you get the mentorship The guidance and everything else you need to carry yourself at a high-level and to be held accountable to the high-level. Taking your game to the next level isn’t done alone although there are some steps it’s inevitable that there’s gonna be people along the way to help you get to that goal. Making sure that those people are the right people is key, whether it is in sports performance training or not. Outside of just sports performance training and looking into overall personality traits and perseverance tying yourself to the right people making the right moves guided by others who have done it or know how to do it is very important. Even when it comes to running a business or growing a family the influence you get from other people that have done it or lived it is huge. This is something we believe and carry out at Next Level Athletics. We want people that I’ve been there I’ve done that blue done sports performance training people of play the sport for who have lived life and have experiences that they can pass on. We also want people that know how to communicate these experiences, which ensures that you get every last drop of benefit possible in the sports performance training through conversations and friendships. At Next level Athletics, we look at our athletes as friends but also as minds that we can build to be the greatest they can be. We know that we’re the sharpener to their knives making sure that every little thing is done correctly and every little thing is capitalized on so that each athlete’s dreams can come true. Although our front is sports performance training, our passion is the athletes. How do we make you the best you can be. If you’re interested and being a part of the family and joining the community of Next Level Athletics and sports performance training, don’t hesitate to contact us.