Agility training as a whole gets confused sometimes with what we want the results to be. For example, using an agility ladder to improve agility does not really go hand-in-hand agility ladder where is agility when we think of being agile has to do with reacting to outside stimuli. This means reacting to the competition or the movements of the competition. When we think of somebody who’s agile we think of somebody who’s shifty who can maneuver who’s a great running back who avoids being tackled. So does the agility ladder help us avoid being tackled? The answer to this is no the agility ladder does not help us from being tackled but it doesn’t prove a foot speed and foot speed with proper reaction training could lead to better agility. So did you already training as a whole as soon as super-fast feet moving in and out of cones whereas in all reality sports performance training is more reaction-based training how do you react to external stimuli how do you make moves based on something else coordinating what it is you’re supposed to do. This is agility training. So we’re looking at approving our overall agility we also need to think about improving our overall reaction so not only do we want to feet for you to be at its peak level before Jody training wanna make sure that our reaction is also at its peak capabilities agility training can get fuzzy and you can think you’re doing speeding Sports performance training by doing a speed ladder we’re doing running to cones etc. but in all reality speed training when it comes to foot speed can be done on the latter but agility is a whore you need to be reactive. So Jody training for athletes should be done reactively obviously it’s tough to make all drills reactive to making them as reactive as possible working on fast-twitch muscle fibers working on overall explosiveness could be great tools to help in your agility the only improvement pass that is your ability to communicate with the rest of your body to make quick movements. If your body is already prepped and ready to go through fast muscles and explosive muscles then all you have to rely on is your neural ability to communicate with your body to make sure that you’re moving in time. You should always try to master your agility can come in so handy for so many sports and future articles when we talk about sports performance training will talk about how they play in each sport and how you can maximize your sports performance training to maximize your abilities in your sport. If you’re interested in trying an agility class or doing sports performance training as a whole please don’t hesitate to contact us we’re on sports performance training classes that focus on speed power explosiveness reaction agility which also like we talked about go hand-in-hand. Contact us today to get connected come in and start taking your game to the next level.

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